Advices to be better than the best !

             Live life to the fullest ! Haven’t you heard this innumerable times in your daily life ? Yes ,that’s the very basic theme of most of our lives .We always want each of our moments to be cherished as the happiest and the best .But we often fail to give our best to make those moments stand out as exhilarating as we really wish .
           Being an average student was no big deal in my life .Call it lazyness or lack of confidence ,I never tried to excel my current position at that time as a kid  And never felt the need of that too .Other kids who were better than me never impressed me and those below me never made me feel proud of my qualities.
            But this English literature teacher of mine had other desires and perceptions regarding me .She always used to give me that extra special  kind of attention that envyed most of my class mates. Reason, I still fail to understand. But this teacher of mine would often catch me after class encouraging me try my best and improve more than what I already was .
         It was that first and I think the last day when I refused to obey her and was actually quite bored of her constant attention on me that I spoke up to let me leave as I am ,atleast I was doing something and it was nice .
That really triggered something in her when she said ,

just being nice is not enough. Always give your best . You are not anyone ,you are a different person in yourself and an exceptional in your own special way . Make people acknowledge your present .Let them know that really exist a person like you .Always give your best in each situation. The outcome may not be always a win win situation, but you in the end will be satisfied that you tried your level best .Prepare as if the worst is waiting for you with open hands and expect the best in stored for you !

       These words left me perplexed for some moments and that day when I returned home , I was never the same person again . I always tried my level best in each situation and gave my cent percent. I still do live each day the best way I can , spend each day trying to make it my best day so far as if there won’t be any tomorrow.
       Although ,these all words and later situations left me as perfectionist, an over perfectionist I should precisely say ,but really like myself as a Mrs perfectionist and teach my kids the same .
        My teacher is long settled at USA  right now , but she prides in flaunting off myself as one of the best students ever .only ,I wish I could be the best of best here too … After all , she was the one who taught me to be better than the best and always aspire to be so .
I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association withBlogAdda.
 am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda

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