The advice that transformed !

              They say today ,is always the product of yesterday and an ingredient for tomorrow. What we are today ,as a person has an involuntary connection to what we were in the past and simultaneously which situations and people had an affect finally leading us as the persona we devolup along the sands of times .
              As kids and as teenagers we always had those mentors or elders who gave us innumerable free advices among which some were fallen on deaf ears while some had a stirring effect shaping our character .Those are some of the quotes that reached our inner deep minds and touched the innermost bottom of our heart and even now after decades and decades, when we sit and reminisce ,the exact flashback with the proper words seem to play on and have the same desired effect on us . 
           I still remember those times when I was so negligent that nothing affected me as if it was real and would have some positive or negative effect on myself and others . Serious was the word never associated with my being in any chance .This often lead me staying behind my competitors and in turn lagging behind in those fields in which I was meant to excel in a remarkable way.
         I had this aunt of mine who actually sat with me in a quite solace , and explained me the significance of caring about the things I owned including time and the energy that I possessed. Her words were precise , but had an inevitable depth in it that was meant to impress any body who listened to her with keen interest .

Understanding your previliges and thier value is a boon in itself . You posses so many bounties around you those are being neglected . The same ,if would have been with someone underprivileged, he may be thankful to Almighty for the blessing so much and would have actually lead a life caring for them as prized as a King’s throne .

These were the exact words I still remember. Followed by a slow and wise guidance of using my previliges the best way and avoiding any waste in them .
        I never knew those fifteen small minutes of my life would make me actually a super punctual person. Who never gives up any goods or items until they are prone to being discarded . A person who have stopped envying others for thier havings because I very well knew what I had was always the best . There may be some really craving for those .A person who now always use her time and energy to serve a better purpose and not waste them on regardless chores .
       I never really thanked my aunt for her piece of advice that so prominently changed my being and outlook.  But , I will always owe her my this renewed ,responsible being .
I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association withBlogAdda.
 am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda

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