Review – pampers premium care pants !

Motherhood is stupendous! So is it laborious!The feeling to provide your little one with the best takes you to new levels of run of the mill routine which by no ways is an easy task .We often even forget ourselves as a breathing individual just to make sure our little newborn individuals get the best start of thier lives with everything they may need at the tap of thier fingertips .
As a mother , I always chose the best or even better than the best for my kid checking and rechecking everything that I get for my kids twice or thrice sometimes .For me ,  thier health and well being is the supreme concern for which I can stretch and outstretch any boundary.
Chosing thier personal care items is always a lengthy job because  I need the best that suits them .From talcum powder to soaps .From thier hair oils to clothes ,each item is especially handpicked for my kids .And when it comes to diapers , I am overtly fidgety and concerned because that ought to be the most critical matter for my kid.
As the kids nowadays mostly stay within those limits of diapers , it’s really important how well you know the minutest details of the product you are using for your baby .After all , hygiene is really a prime concern in every parent’s life when it comes to thier little one’s well being and happiness. If the kid feels itchy and irritated and wet ,no matter whatever you provide the kid with , he is bound to be the crankiest fellow around .
That’s the reason , I was tempted to try out the newly launched ,

pampers premium care pants

.It’s so soft ,the baby wouldn’t feel he is wearing it !This was the quote that actually captivated me to itself.  I said ,well,why not give it a try. But before trying it out , I actually inquired about it all to great depths .


The ultra soft outside impresses you the first time you touch it .Okay , so first test passed .It’s softness impreses me .


Now comes the elastic which is stretchable and quite soft too .That means no marks of elastic of your kids tummy and thighs .But this doesn’t means the fit has any problems in it .It easily clasps around your little one’s bottom quite snugglingly and hugs him right back with delicacy and care .



Next comes the lasting power . How much dry can my baby feel and for how much time I can use it . Actually dear mommies ,you can heave a sigh of relief after reading this ,it can actually stay for as long as 12 hours . Phewww ! Bliss .isn’t isn’t ?  Now no more cranky nights .Thank God !These diapers can keep your baby dry and comfortably asleep for about 12 hours .They won’t at all feel the wetness because the exeptional drying core that dries and locks wetness for almost half a day .


These pants also Contain a baby lotion on it that helps to protect the baby’s skin against all skin rashes .And with the help of the breathable material in the inside part of it that helps the skin to breath , you can now bid adiòs to rashes .



But, this doesn’t mean that the diaper is overused and you won’t know .This wonder pants have also got this yellow wetness indicator that changes colour when it’s over bombarded with those excretion. And after that you can easily tear the diaper from the sides and roll it to stick with the end tape provided and dispose it off just like that .


Summed up all ,these wonder pants wooed my heart as a parent with it’s 5 star qualities. And my kid , she loves just moving around in it and flaunting around her new skin (pampers premium care pants) to everyone which now leaves her extremely happy and content and eager to explore more .Not to forget drive me crazy too !!


Do try them out for a wonderful time for your happy kid here .
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This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

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