Pampers Bloggers Meet at J.W.Mariott, Mumbai on 20th September 2015!

Sundays are always fun and interesting! But when that Sunday is tipped with your hobby being elaborated the best way it can and offered you a perfect way to spend it ,it’s like an icing on a cake .
20th September was such an exeptional delightful Sunday ever spent in my life .BlogAdda and pampers cordially invited me to attend thier phenomenal event of launching thier new brand new impressive product ,

Pampers premium care pants

at JW Mariott Sahar Hotel ,Andheri, Mumbai.


Exited to the chore ,I was super glad to be a part of this sensational event with the famous TV anchor and actress Mandira Bedi as it’s host ,Ajita Seethapalli an expert in skin care with impressive knowledge about the field , Dr. Wei Sing Long ,a young scientist and R and D expert with accurate scientific information of the product and the most sexy and sensational mom and a blogger too, Tara Sharma Saluja.


It all started with a touching video of the unique bond that binds so strongly each mother and child .Then Mandira Bedi quite actively started the event with her charms spreading a gay ambience over the junior ballroom . Her introduction to the event and her impressive knowledge about the brand and it’s products proved she was a big fan of pampers products too .



Then Ajita Aretha palliative  , Dr. Wei Sing Long and Tara Sharma Saluja were warmly welcomed and introduced to the audience. Skin care plays a very vital role in each infants growing up phases ,this was agreed upon and highlited by all three experts. This led to a public poll about the softest pants we can feel from the options we were given .And very rightly about 92% poll proved that these premium pants were the softest of all other options given.


Then, through a nice little video we were exposed about the new pampers premium pants with 5 star skin protections that can convince each mother to grab these pants for thier kid’s skin care and comfort .
First being the softest material which was very well proven by the polls.
Second being the all round waistband and soft curves which led to comfort feeling and flexibility for the kids making them free of those hard cornered rashes and patches.


Third is the most vital point , as this pants gives dryness upto 12 hours due to how pampers premium care pants absorb wetness such rapidly leaving your little one dry for a longer time and a blessed sleep like an angel.
Fourth is another unique factor as it contains a soft baby lotion which helps to protect thier delicate skin and last but not the least is the wetness indicator that changes colour if the diaper needs to be changed immediately.


After the practicals


out by the Dr ,these all above points were proven 100% up to the mark .Later ,in the question answere sessions , these experts very effeciently answered all the queries of the audience present .


There were certain people approaching the experts on a 1-O-1 basis talks and then it was called upon as the end point of the event with an astounding video which portrayed all the milestones that come along the child’s life and how a mother manages with these times with proper care and love and not to forget her best companion, Pampers !


This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForTheBabySkin  activity in association with BlogAdda

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