Paint your world with your passion !

Colors are so very vital component of each one’s life . Without them life would look so dispiriting and dismaying. I read once a wise saying that went like this ,


True ! Isn’t it ? When we have the rich wealth of those beautiful, charming colours, why should our life be blank and plain ? After all, the more colour is added on, the more motivating our world is!
Painting a house is no more an exeption about adding those motives in your life Our home ,our very own sweet home is always a part and parcel of out persona .That one look at your home, and it speaks volumes of your choices and preferences in life .Each spot and corner of your house reveals so much of your own being that you can very proudly glance at each corner and get that feeling ,oh ! That’s just like me!
Well ,when I was given a chance to let my world be painted ,through a site that brings your favorite palettes on your finger tips through the bed bath and more website , I gladly browsed through innumerable gallant looking themes that left me visualizing my home ,as the one straight of those fairy tales .Some of these are here ,


The aged beige ,striking , spectacular and yet so classical Makes you crave for those gold plating on your walls and thier exotic lush adding glamour to your den !


The dusted pink ! As exotic and charming as it can be ,when these charms clasp your home walls ,they will surely give your home that soft touch with a womanly feeling out there .
These are about those tempting themes that can bring a pleasant makeover in your sweet little world . But ,as for paints ,from the


option ,I chose the towering pine shade that just on the first glance impressed me to the chore !


Dark for my bedroom walls is always what I prefer till date .Being an extremist , I just like my room to be a reflection of my character .Paint it to the extreme shades ,and see that passionate spirit all around you as roam around .


Same again went for my bathroom .I like it to be matched exactly like my bedroom as there should be no loopholes in matching the extreme corners of the house . After all , they all belong to the same extremely passionate human being , that is , myself .
The site very conviniently let me add my colour choices and gave me a perfect platform to even visualise my choices . What else does a perfectionist need . Apart from this ,there is also a calculator which let’s you easily go through your budget ,which believe me is very less and gives you a detailed knowledge of the theme and colour you chose .
All these factors surely helped me a lot to choose my stunning surrounding ,what about you ?

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda &Bed Bath & More

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  1. Why did u post dis twice?


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