Let’s paint our worlds insane !

Being alive is all about colours ! Those varied shades turning your offs on and your onns awesome are just such a centric part of your life .Personally I think ,whether it’s your wardrobes or homes .Offices or kitchens, each part of those need some palatable colour to complete thier being .Just like we as humans need colours to inhance the beauty of our being ,so does those walls !


Today, let’s get colourised and paint our world’s wildly with bedbathmore.com and thier amazing “Paintfinder ” feature ! Just click on thier site and Whoooaa! You can actually feel you are painting those closest walls of your house through each palette and judging which look impresses you the most .
Like , I chose this look for my bedroom. ,

the grape popsicle



With enriching shade and exotic feel ,I am sure my bedroom will feel more royal than it does now .
Next ,for my bathroom,I opted for

The Teal Twist



With it’s pleasant feel and bright yet subtle colour ,I am sure my bathroom will stand out in it’s own charming beauty.
Now ,comes the turn of the cutest part of my home ,the nursery . For which I chose ,

The Carefree Breeze



Those light and cool shade on this room’s walls will certainly allure my little ones and charm thier days .
Well ,now for a foodies kitchen ,I ought to chose the best .For the more the charming kitchen a woman posess , higher the possibility of her family’s better health ! Lol ,so wisely enough ,I chose

The Mirage White

for my kitchen .


So that the bright atmosphere makes my efforts a little lighter to bear and can cheer me up when I am exhausted with all those rash and run chores of kitchen .
Next ,is my living room ! I think my major part of the time spent with my family would be in the living room .so ,why not beautify the walls with some paint that’s cheerful and happy just like us !


The Garden Glory

just matches the need . Fresh and pleasant with a feel of family in it .Perfect for my living room for sure !
Well, now my home is ready ! All colourful and delectable ! Just like me ,having various colours for each times .All thanks to bedbathmore.com for starting out such an effecient site which brings painting your homes on your tips and taps ! So guys , gt insane , get crazy , and choose for your favourite paints to brighten your homes through the


feature and buy those ones at a reasonable rate !

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda   &  Bed Bath & more

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