A healthy heart A healthy me !!

Heart , the most vital part of a human .Not only on the emotional basis , but also as a physical organ marks it’s presence as one of the most integral yet sensitive part of the human body.

A healthy heart is a sign of an active and content human, says most researches.Truly a matter of great concern is been highlighted in this single phrase .


Normally ,the concern for heart and it’s well being is equally important for both male and females .But ,as a latest study shows more women are prone to heart diseases and that too in much severe cases the ones with increased weight. In their anxiety of keep thier loved ones happy and healthy ,women most often forget themselves and start neglecting thier own health .Which in turn leads them to be proned to such health issues .
So ,what steps do we as women individuals undertake for our well being is the question ?Ain’t it our duty towards ourselves to look after our health first and then give priorities to our loved one’s health and then we all may be equally fit and fine to enjoy life together!
With these thoughts and determination in mind I took the test by saffola at www.soffolalife.Com  and got this result according to the input I submitted.


A daily walk as recommended seems a perfect idea regain my fitness level  merged up with a proper diet of veggies and fruits and some more protiens and vitamins included .Some exercises to go with these above efforts can get me excelled in the field of fitness and health .


I proudly took the pledge to give some prominence to my health and look my self better and am in process of starting these activities in my life .Actually, already started some ,and believe me , it’s as easy as doing only a quarter part of your daily house chores and the result congratulating it is a total bliss !
So ,now I can care for my loved ones without being guilty of neglecting myself and in turn grabbing more happiness for our lives !!


I am joining the Saffolalife   #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.

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