Protect her to protect her heart !!

Protect her! It’s all you have heard since ages back .You protect her
from the hardships she faces to the negavities that surround her emotionally.  But do you actually protect her heart ?Be it your dearest mum or yur loving wife , have you ever wondered that protecting her heart is the need of the hour too ? Emotionally, we try our level best not to hurt thier feelings , but they may need your attention on thier physical health issues connecting thier hearts too.

No ! These lines concerning her health issues is not only for the males , but also for the females! As a selfless being, women always tend to give a great thought and efforts to keep others happy and fit . Thier own selves are a secondary matter to all these women .
Caring for others , neglecting themselves and increasing stress and weight . These conditions prevail in 4 out 5 women being a victim of heart diseases to a severe extent .This study by Saffolalife is indeed an eye opener for all of us who care for all the shes in our lives .
As a woman myself , and a little worried after reading about the grave chances of heart ailments, I took this simple test from the website. Though I  got good results , but still , the simple guidance was most welcome.

I think if you are a woman , you should take the test and if you are a man , male your woman take this test and make sure she pledges for her good heart and health and you too , along with her , pledge for the same .
It may seem a little tiring job , but actually needs a little persuasion is needed .Take her to a walk along with you , or if you are woman , go for a walk with your partner so that it seems entertaining along with being beneficial too .

Make her have those important nutrients and vitamins by telling her it’s your favourite and you want to have those veggies and fruits .she may surely be convinced to have them if you lovingly make her have those .For women , try having these important ingredients and share them with your family members to ensure along with you even they are going to benefit from these healthy diet.

A little exercise , with her ,apart from your gym hours may do wonders for your women’s health .And as women , if you exercise a little with your dear ones ,this may keep you active for a longer time .


These are the simple steps which will definitely have great pleasant results on the women’s health .We could always pledge and carry these out , it isn’t much difficult , is it ? After all we women deserve atleast this much care for our caring selves and men can care for her a little and even sometimes fuss with her for her well being to woo her heart , protect her heart !!  i am joining the Saffolalife  #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.

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