Food review – Gits food ready to eat varities !

       21st century! The generation who prefer everything to be the easiest and fastest and within minutes .Be it browsing through numerous sites and getting informations or cooking a quick dish for oneself .We need everything to be available within a jiffy!
      For women like myself ,who work and are home maker too ,managing both the duties can sometimes become a chaotic situation. At that time I really wish , I could get those food to be prepared just in an instant magically or how pleasant it would have been if a restaurant owner would have been my relative and would have delivered food at my place for free .
      For these some situations Gits food have a blissful remedy ! Their newly launched ready to make food varities are just the answere to all our prayers .Homemade food made within seconds and healthy as we should ask for .
       After a much heard praises of thier food stuff I decided to try out some of thier products and well , te result was better than I expected! 
       Dal makhani ,a delightful traditional  vegetarian dish which otherwise takes hours to prepare along with soaking the pulses overnight , canactually be made just minutes! Incredible! Yes it is !But it’s tried out and the result was indeed pretty yummy.


       You just need to empty the content into a vessel Containing hot water , let it dip for sometime and when you open the pack , your dish ready to be served with rice ! Or else you can just empty the contents in a container and heat and serve it hot .The taste in both the cases is just exceptional, reminiscing you your mom’s type of spices !
      Other one that’s a temptation for sure for every sweet toothed person is Gits gulab jamuns! This pack contains the mixture which ends up in becoming Luscious gulab jamuns in just 3 easy steps .


Mix some milk in to the provided mixture to prepare a soft dough , make tiny balls with it and deep fry till golden brown in colour. In another vessel prepare a sugar syrup and pour these fried gulab jamuns in it and enjoy those delectable sweet gulab jamuns and get rewarded with praises from your family .

Milk added dough mixture


Yummy gulab jamuns

      Now ,whoever said cooking is a tough skill and art and the most difficult task , didn’t know the name of Gits food ! I hope now they get to know the option better and understand that tasty , healthy food can also be prepared easily and rapidly because the Gits range of ready to eat packets of food are available so abundantly everywhere in each store new you .
    Try those out and taste them for yourself if you are still in doubt about these tasty and healthy delicacies by Gits food !!

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