A step against Indian racism !

        Beautiful,a word to which we all want to relate ourselves .This is an open ended word with lots of meanings attached to it according to the situations and terms associated with it .But in all ,being a positive adjective,we all desire being tagged as beautiful through one way or another.
     India ,a country so obsessed with fairness ,we mostly collaborate the meaning of beautiful to fairness by default. If anyone is said to be tagged as beautiful ,she may as well be beautiful otherwise she doesn’t woos anyone’s heart out here !
    I ,preferably call it an injustice in the part of 80% of indians ,who are actually the natives out here and are whitish in skin tone .While the western  citizens ( whom most Indians look upon as their ideal )crave for tans and are desperate

tan fans

as I call it , I really don’t think why the natural tanned skin we posess is a matter of embarrassment and disgust for most Indians ?It’s really sad to know that most girls aren’t being married off because they are not born a skin that’s fairer.Some are even bullied upon and not given job opportunities for the same .
        Disgusting !Isn’t it?who said racism exists only between the blacks and the whites ?In India ,it exists in each village and community for that matter .And the irony is that ,even after this issue being so openly known ,minimum or no steps are taken to educate the people otherwise .
          I for myself am trying in my little way through this piece of blog , to get people understand that the skin or colour by which an individual is born naturally, you just can’t judge the person .It isn’t necessary that the person with the most fair skin would prove as the best wife .If that would have been the case ,I bet there would have been no adultery cases in the west ,where the fairness level is just to the extreme as compared to indians . Nor a darker complexion guarantees that the person would be incompatible. So why the rejection and degradation on the basis of just skin colours ?
     Haven’t we all read the quote since our childhood ,

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

I wonder if our eyes have turn too dark to ignore the beautiful bright character of the person ! The need to improvise our thoughts for the same concern is really very needed today as the virus of this

mini racism


you can call it ,is increasing day by day .Even the add agencies are taking the advantages of such situations and launching innumerable fairness creams , masks , lotions, face washes and what not !
       I really some times wonder ,just because you use a certain fairness cream ,how can you achieve a real diva typo personality ,dressing sense or confidence and getting an own house , nice job etc. etc. are more such benefits of applying these creams .
It’s really pathetic how blindly we tend to believe them .I mean ,some people have been using these creams for a decade now and are still in the same position of the clerk or those they were working for before ,not to forget even thier skin tone remains same .
     Enough of irony ,the mission was just to bring about an awareness that we are beautiful as we are !You may posses a dark , whitish or fair skin , but that not by any chance gives you lesser or more previliges for that matter .Instead of making our skin fairer ,let’s make ourselves pure from within .Let’s beautify our persona as a human being .
      Let’s just get out of the physical zone and spread this awareness and a hand of friendship to all those who by some way or the other are curbed and crippled just because of this weird division of society. Remember, there are still some girls waiting for a true love who notices thier fairer innerself than judging them just by their looks and forcing them to even commit suicide sometimes !Not to mention ,thier parents are even forced to offer a handsome dowry to get them settled down .
     Do support me in this initiative ,do share this blog link and help someone live thier life being proud of themselves ,let’s not insult nature more than we already did by degrading some of it’s awesome creation .Come ,join hands to humanity ,join hands against racism and partiality !!

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  1. I agree with you there! Beauty has got false notions these days.

    Also, thank you for requesting access to my blog. I recently move to Self Hosted. So here’s my website’s link – http://happinessandfood.com/ Hope to see you around. 🙂


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