Restaurant review -Mezban restaurant Colaba Mumbai

Mezban Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Mumbai is the busiest and craziest city in the world !Each second person here is a food fanatic and a restaurant hitter .On this rate ,you can well imagine what a condition of each and every restaurant here would be in ! Yeah ,you guessed it right. A huge line what is termed as “waiting” in the restaurant language .And also any number of since a previous evening is done to get a table booked for the next day and especially dinner .
Knowing all these situations quite well I always prefer a dine out plan on weekdays or late nights if it’s a Sunday .But, very few restaurants in the city has the capacity of perfect hospitality even after midnight and a weekend full of customers .One such restaurant is Mezban restaurant at Colaba , Mumbai.


Situated at the mid road at Colaba , it’s the hottest restaurant amongst the Gulf citizens who prefer their Halal and delicious food and even seating arrangements perfect for their veiled lady partners .


We took the same seatings and since it was past midnight , ordered a quick meal that should be yummy yet less taxing on our tummies .A full tandoori chicken to be savoured with traditional yummy green chutney and a chicken fried rice for filling on those extra spaces in the tummy storage if the tandoori chicken doesn’t seems sufficient.
And pretty wrong were we ! The whole chicken grilled to perfection embossed with delicious spices served within minutes of ordering (Thank God  for that ) filled us pretty much along with that sour and spicy green chutney and vegetable salad .


Followed within no time was the yummy chicken fried rice accompanied with the Chinese sauces .The chicken cubes in it were something not mostly seen .But the taste was awesome. And the quantity was more than required hence a lot of leftovers were to be seen .I wish I may not have been so full , because that dish surely to be savoured till the end of the last morsel .

Summed up all , It’s a nice to visit place of you want to really have something delicious to fill in and quite quick in delivery too .These people serve a whole lot of sumptuous Mughlai food worth trying with just 500 INR per couple !!

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