Five simple ways to keep your baby’s skin safe and softest !!

Babies are just sooo cute ! These little bundles of joy enhance our happiness and cheerfulness around us by just existing among us .Be it our little one or somebody else’s, with those little shrieks and toothless smiles , a smile is borned from each of our faces .With this comes the need to protect them with all our might .We tend to care and fuss about each minute things about them whether it’s your first child or third , you always are extra conscious about their needs and demands.


Skin is the softest and most vulnerable part of a person .For the babies it’s an extra sensitive part. Our first sense being the touching sense , a happy skin means a lot to the development and growth of a baby .If the child faces any kind of irritation or discomfort on skin , they tend to be the crankiest little fellow around .
So now , we understand the need to protect the baby’s skin .Here are some of the easy measures for the same .
First , always clean your hand with a sanitizer before you touch the baby .And even keep a sanitizer beside their cot so that everyone who comes near him knows that they have to clean their hands with it .With this simple step , the germs and sweat that our hands carry doesn’t reach the babies skin and hence , he is protected from any skin allergies and reactions .


Secondly, try and give your little angel a Luke warm water bath twice daily .So that the sweat that gathers around the chubby corners of your babies skin doesn’t grow on as rashes and the baby feels soft and clean.


Third ,use olive oil for the mild massage on your baby’s skin. Olive oil is proved to be the best skin softener and moisturizer. It nourishes your baby’s skin leaving is soft and healthy too .


Fourth always use the best quality of baby soap , shampoo and powder .The lesser the chemicals included in these products the more comfort and softness your baby enjoys .


Fifth , always apply baby lotion on your baby’s skin before putting him to bed .This keeps his skin hydrated and nourished at night and prevents dryness on his skin too.


So ,with these easy steps , your baby can stay happy happy with happy happy skin and continue glittering the world around you with their softness! !
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