Airtel broadband surprises!

        Internet is claiming a lot of Control in each of our lives nowadays . From searching words of certain  languages to getting huge devices at home ,everything had been Jammed up in the online world which is so very convenient for all of us .
          With this arises the need of a super fast speedy internet services which can pass over all the milestones of connecting and browsing through various sites within fraction of seconds .India being the second lowest in Asia Pacific region in the terms of having average internet speed usage of about 2mbps is really lacking in this   progress as compared to other nations as the average internet speed limit worldwide is 4.6mbps. Although there are certain network providers trying to bring about an increase in the department of speed , but it all then leads to paying a lot more bucks than you already do. But paying more for a far more speedy network is like that morsel of food that cannot be gulped neither can be puked .What great it would be if we could avail to a faster internet provider with minimum or no extra charge ? Whooo !A pleasant dream indeed !
           Tandanan !Here ,comes the surprise for all of us !The company known for it’s fastest internet connections ,Airtel ,now launched the surprise broadband services for these online freaks. Where in a consumer of the Airtel broadband service will be surprised with innumerable beneficial offers from the brand with minimum or no additional charges .
          Unbelievable, but true ! You can actually get speed upgrades on  data packs varying from 1GB to 100 GBs  with a little or no additional charge and even huge tempting discounts are on your way plus you get unlimited local and STD voice plans at the minimum pay of just Rs 99.
     And if you are planning to become the new member of the Airtel broadband service family ,then there’s something for you too. You can get a speed upgrades upto 16mbps and a 30% off on your new activations that means only an amount of rs 999/- for a start .well ,this is not all. You also get a free secure anti virus subscription on 3 devices and WIFI router on no extra cost .
        Well ,now arises the question, how can you grab these surprises ?So guys ,it’s as simple as it can be ! You just have to visit the site , and login through your DSL ID or landline number and you will automatically get the amazing offer that’s especially put for your account .You just need to share this awesome good news with your friends and pals on social sites of Facebook and Twitter and Whoaaaa ! You get the surprise of the year in your kitty .


     Hundreds of happy customers are actually going to get these amazing surprises offered to them wherein they will get huge discounts on thier on going broadband plan and even extra data till 100 GBs free with a speed competing the lightenings.
        So guys ,grab this incredible chance of availing the best benefits of the surprises provided by Airtel and keep on sharing the same on social sites so that even your friends can stay connected to you 24/7 without much worries ,because it’s Airtel ‘s treat of surprises for it’s happy happy customers! !

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