Singapore tourism invites towards a world full of Exotic locations and food at Singapore!


If we were made to be stayed in one place  we would have got roots instead of legs

,says a famous quote! And rightly so !Blessed with beautiful world , we all should explore it to the fullest !Such one place to explore with all our might is the Amazing Singapore !!
        Located at the South East Asia , a country full of modern skyscrapers and breathtaking monuments and not to forget an astounding wild life is certainly a treat for all those wanderers who are looking for an all rounder tourist attraction. Also known as the Lion City ,Singapore boasts in having the best climate throughout the year or you can call it tourist friendly climate with being mostly sunny and partially rainy which of course attracts a lot of people to enjoy the sun or the rains thoroughly.
        While Chosing Singapore as your next exploring destination you are opening doors to a whole new world of pleasure and exploration of nature and even modern infrastructure for that matter .Your visit to Singapore will definitely cherish a lot of phenomenal views ,but some of those are exeptional and couldn’t be left around at any cost .
        The Singapore Zoo is an intriguing  destination that attracts around 1.6 millions of tourists anually as it boasts of having  animals which enjoy thier life in the free ranging habitat there .
          The Merlin park is another astounding piece of pride for this place as it’s the largest statue standing at a height of 28 feet with a body of a fish and a face of lion ans let’s you enjoy the impressive view of Marina Bay from here .
         Jurong bird park has the world’s largest walk in aviaries ,the tallest man made waterfall of about 30 metres high and a fusion of Birds from South America and Africa .
       Singapore night safari is a must visit for all those adventurous souls on a tram to the journey through the wilds .Being the world’s first nightlife park it takes to the tour of 40 minutes and let you experience the Himalayan foot hills to the equitorial Africa and even get to see over 1000 animals closely in thier own geographical areas .
       Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel where you can enjoy the view of almost all historical landmarks around .
       Singapore history museum prides in consisting some amazing historical collection of Southeast Asia .
         Gardens of the Bay is one more famous tourist attraction in Singapore that can be actually called the beauty of Singapore as it’s a 101 hectare super park with the beautiful view of Marina bay skyline and surrounded by lush lawns and tropical palm trees .A simple serenic beauty in other words.
       Sentosa island would grab your attention for sure as it’s a place for family ,friends and fun .With those ever inviting beach ,serenic natural beauty , comfortable spas and exquisite restaurants, this may be your dream location.
       Clarke Quay is a delightful riverside treat full place full of bars , restaurants, shops , boutiques and night clubs .This riverside destination promises the best of night life that’s full of fun and charisma in Singapore.
        China Town is an important part of Singapore which offers one of the best and cheapest shopping markets in the world and food ,You just have to taste them .There are innumerable hawkers and restaurants here all eager to let you try out those exotic dishes varying from Asia to Western tastes .
       Yes ,Singapore offers you a unique cuisine that’s actually a pleasant blend of Malaysian food , Chinese , Indonesian, indian and western foods .From those exotic 5 star restaurants to those awesome street hawkers at China Town ,food is just fab! Although sea food is a top priority out there , but even other options ,all blended with perfect sauces and spices gives you a tantalizing taste impossible to forget .
     You should never miss trying out the Hainanese Chicken rice ,the awesome Chilli crabs , those spicy rice noodles , Laksa ,Char Kuay teow ,that unique fish head curry , chicken or mutton satay and the best if all ,the oyster omelette .These are some ,there are more only if you are interesting in tasting them .The street and the starred food offer the best taste with the same ingredients and that’s the most unique part of Singapore.
      Tempting ,isn’t it ?I am sure you are planning to bookmark it as your next destination the coming vacations .But wait ,you can actually visit there for free! Yeah ,you read it right .Singapore tourism is giving you a chance to visit your dream place for free and that too along with your favourite people and that too in just some simple steps .Just visit here to know more and  get that chance of being lucky enough to grab those free tickets , free accommodation and loads more .
         After reading all in detail ,you can submit your entries here , . And after that just wait for your chance to come up to explore this exquisite place to it’s fullest from wild life attractions to shopping markets and food trails to historical monuments and actually have a gala time there just as Rocky and Mayur are having . Want to know how ?Watch here , .
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