Memories to tease for !!

They say ,the period between engagement to wedding is the golden period of your life .Those refreshing new alien feelings you come across to , those sweet symptoms of gladness that erupts through your thoughts , those day dreaming habits you often devolup, those sweet smiles that suddenly escapes from your lips by reminiscing some lovely cute comment from your loved ones are just the most  beautiful feelings that you experience at that time .


It was one of those times ,when we were engaged and since it was an arranged marriage ,a lot was waiting to be explored between us .But starting a conversation was always a tough job for us as everything seemed to be so new ,so unfamiliar .


During that time when we were always nervous to start a talk, my fiancé actually directly talked and convinced my mom to let me take to our first date .He wanted our relationship to be started on very comfortable terms . Though my mom was all ready for it ,the real milestone was convincing my dad who had values embedded of some what military morals types.
I think boys often have this habit of over boasting in front of thier females ,so when I tried warning him against my dad’s strict values ,he was somewhat overconfident of trying out with him directly .I was like ,ok ,go ahead ,give it a try !!Well ,here he was trying to phrase out a decent sentence in front of my dad , I don’t know in which language though .lol!! He was actually blushing and all he uttered was ,”uncle ,I just well,came here , to take for a date … “,that was all and my dad’s voice echoed thorough the whole room , “what? ” he was actually soaked with perspiration now .”Well , actually I meant to say ,today’s date is lucky to me always ,so I thought of celebrating it with you all and take you all to dinner with me this year,if you don’t mind”.
This offer certainly impressed my dad a lot .Soon we all met at a grand five star restaurant with some romantic ambience and music going on .


And with we all I meant my parents ,my three siblings and my grandma too .The waiter who had initially booked a table for a couple at a corner side just looked bewildered at my fiance when he canceled the previous booking and asked for table for twelve ! Gosh !just imagine his expression when he was said that. And I couldn’t stop smiling remembering my fiancé’sface and expressions and the time of whole dinner .
Years across that day ,he is still pretty nervous facing my dad and still  discusses with me about the way to present him anything before approaching him and each time when I ask him the reason ,he says ,”remember that time when our first romantic date ended up being a round table conference with dad “!! And I have a fun time teasing him about his miserable expressions he presented then .
Nobody undestands ,but still when we visit that restaurant ,I alway have teasing grin on my face while he always grunts .Reasons of course ,the secret we both share about the place .


It’s always these little secret memories ,
those random moments of our lives , that we never knew we were creating memories of those to be cherished later. We just knew we were spending time ! But the way in which we spent it , made it more glamorous a moment to be cherished till life ends !!
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