World Class Pregancy Care Comes home with Care24        

A child gives birth to the mother. The bond is unique, so should be the care!   Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of your life. The journey to motherhood, the three pregnancy trimesters are full of happiness, excitement, anxiety and curiosity.

   How is my Baby developing? Am I taking the right diet to ensure good health of myself during pregnancy? How often should I visit my doctor? Is there any way someone can handhold me through this critical yet most awaited period of my life?


Care24  Home Nursing Services has the answers to all your pregnancy related questions and desires. Blossom, the package designed especially for the new- mother- to-be, takes care of all your worries.

Having the best care physically and emotionally is the key to a healthy child and a fit mother after the childbirth.


Here are some golden rules to follow if you desire a healthy pregnancy and child birth.
●Get in touch with antenatal care organisers or midwife or a doctor as soon as you confirm your pregnancy reports .This may keep your ultrasounds, scans and tests get scheduled at proper intervals from the starting stage.
●Get your nutrients intake intact. Consulting a nutritionist for the same would be ideal .During pregnancy, you would need a severe increase in your proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, omega 3 and fatty acids. To get the exact list of food that consists of these nutrients, during pregnancy care, a nutritional guide is a must .

Especially, during the last three months wherein the calorie intake of the mothers should increase as extra as 200 calories daily.
●Exercise is another key factor that’s a great help during those stressful weeks. Regular and proper yoga sessions helps you build strength and endurance to cope with the extra weight and hard work of labour.


●Opt for some counselling and guide sessions that may help you deal with those mood swings during the pregnant months and keep stress at bay. For new mothers, preparing for the coming stages and child is essential. This helps to reduce the panic during the labour period and new mothers can cope better with the change in schedule after the baby arrives.
●Getting the best guide to help you go through with the lactating process is another predominant need.
These all factors are of paramount importance if you desire a happy motherhood time. Consulting the medication centres in your area about the same can get you these helps but women during pregnancy are best happy and comfortable in thier own surroundings. Well, taking that in mind, if these facilities are available at your doorstep, it’s going to be bliss.

Mumbai is quite lucky in that way.  With Care 24, leading home health care service providers in each corner of Mumbai. From nursing to attendants, physiotherapy services to Nutrition advice. They also provide complete Pregnancy care and Mother & Infant Care at home. Medical equipments are also available for purchase and renting. Care24 rightly believes in making World Class Care Come Home.


With highly qualified and experienced medical professionals the proper guidance is  guaranteed. The Caregivers are available on the mobile app to track your services and progress. They are categorized as one of the best health service providers in the city. Care 24 prides in having the best pregnancy and infant care solutions for you at your own home with proper periodic monitoring of mother and child, lactation counseling, yoga guides, Lamaze classes, physiotherapists, psychologists and post natal guide.


With Care24 Pregnancy Care Services and Mother & Infant Care Services –Get the best nutritional advice throughout your pregnancy and lactation period.                                 Prenatal and postnatal yoga sessions that help you stay fit during pregnancy and get back in shape easy after childbirth.                                                Anti depression counseling that helps you cope better in those frequent mood swings and Accurate guidance that helps you during lactation and also with nursing and vaccination for the baby.   

Know more about pregnancy and infant care by through this blog. You can even hire a home staff for the same from Care 24. Know more about their services online or simply follow Care 24 on twitter 

   These and more such stages of your life, when you need a supportive and experienced help in your home, get connected to Care 24. Log on Care24 website  or call on the  Toll Free number 1800-200-6205 .

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