Share the load for a better tomorrow!

Laundry is a tough job! Says who?  Well those who don’t want to it. Majority being the males. Because they are not expected to do this job in our society. While, women otherwise being considered as a weakest among both, can do it easily and efficiently! Sarcastic, but true.
We assume the women as weak but dedicate all the hard laborious work to her. Even when women nowadays are educated and can earn their own bread and butter, she is expected  to do the house chores by default. Those men who scream for gender equality on the streets are mostly the same depending on their women to do the laundry and cooking work for them.
Problem exists because the long speech on gender equality aren’t being practiced. World’s revolving rapidly, moving towards growth and development but seem things like laundry being a women’s job seems to stagnant in its old place.
The question arises, how to eradicate this plaque from our society. It’s just by educating the ones that are still to be grown up and be the future of our world. Let them set an example for equality by the values we inculcate in their minds.
Make them understand that with advanced technologies proper methods each one of can deal with any tasks. Even men can perform laundry at home helping their wives or mothers when she is too busy with kids or other stuff. Share the load of the household career with her as she strives to manage to take care of household chores and office work together.
Even if she’s a home maker, she dedicates her innumerable time and energy towards her house and not to forget without any leave or holiday.  she giver her everything to manage this load.she deserves some load sharing no doubt. Let’s make our future generation understand this through social media sites. Well,  those are where they are most attached to nowadays. Let’s leave loose this message of sharing the loads between men and women there.
Another way to spread the message is through school education. It’s high time we educated the same through practical ways in schools and colleges. Placing advertisements in you tube and other media channels is another great option. Let’s try out our hand in all of these, and built a better tomorrow, an equal tomorrow!

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.


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