Share the laundry between the genders!

Equality is a fortune if valued! Gender equality being no exception in this case. When we are continue-sly trying to bridge gap between the genders in each field, house chores have been lagging behind by manor distance in this field. While, women have entered the corporate world and running in the same pace with men, they generally are facing the problem of doing double jobs in this way.
Women are welcomed with open arms outside the house no doubt. But when?  When before stepping out of the house she is expected to finish all her home making chores. From cooking, to providing lunch boxes, getting kids ready for school and of course doing the laundry too.
When women today are earning nothing less than sums in four and five zeroes,  they are still expected to do household chores religiously. With the awareness created through media,   few families have started appointing servants for cooking and cleaning chores and even men helping out ladies in doing the dishes and cooking some, but when it comes to laundry, nobody but the lady herself have to take the action and do the job even.
We understand we all take great care of our fabric and dear looking clothes, but nowadays with advanced technology in washing machines and impressive detergents it’s just an easy job as any other thing. But the stereotypes never tend to loose the grip from our minds. The expectations towards women and the boundaries around men are so high, that these changes seem far away to get in to action.
But we, the people of 21st century, can try and bring in the change if we educate our kids about the same. Let them know that equality lies in each phase of our lives. Let them understand that there’s no big deal in being a man or a big responsibility in being a woman. Make them understand that each one should do their individual work rather than bombarding the other one with their work too.
What I personally do for this initiative is that, I have fixed turns for my kids to do the laundry job each day. My son does the whole laundry on one day and daughter the next. My husband being a quite cooperative one, does this job on the third day, while I do it on the next. It’s a small step, but have got it’s root inculcated in my kids minds that laundry is not restricted to gender. Each one and any one can do it and with great ease.
If all of us do our bit towards this cause, I am sure within some years our next generation will be quite independent and free of such stereotypes which are hindering our growth at present.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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