Parenting a journey!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Being a parent is that job that never leaves you bored! You have loads to do even on a free day. From those cheerful TV times to those stressful study sessions, it’s all laborious you bet. But a small tinkle in the eyes of your child when she sees a glimpse of yours, or a sweet innocent smile of pleasure she gives on seeing you makes it so worthwhile.

Each day spent with your kids is just as blissful as it should be. Seeing them growing from sweet little babies to toddlers. Grabbing thier tiny fingers in our hand to grasping thier wrists when they tend to destroy each and every thing in your house when they are toddlers .

Thier first incomplete word, thier first unreasonable sentence and the first day of school full of exitement and then tears. The journey is all like a case te recorded in the parents minds which they play whenever they are free and relive those memories once again.

If you ask me the most memorable if those times, I would say the each day I spent with my kids, each moment when I them happy and contented, that single second when we’re relieved when I was around them , every memory of my print hood journey is the most dear and memorable to me.
Distinguishing between any moment, or claiming a day or moment as better one throughout my parenthood from another would be like justifying my role as a parent. Hence, what I think is parenthood is a sweet roller coaster ride filled with fun and erotic twists and turns. Enjoy each moment of them and make sure we do this lovely job as perfectly as it is.
“I am blogging for the Parents’ Day activity at Parentous

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