Being a better parent!!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Being a parent is a diligent job! You tend work sedulously through out the days and give up all your comfort of your dear nights just to make sure your little ones are happy and content. Each parent, in their own unique way do the best they can for their kids and go through all the painstaking jobs for them.

Being a mother is especially a conscientious work. You, being the first ever retreating one for your kid, have to make sure you provide them the best example and aspiration to look upon and be there in thier every ons and offs moments.

Every day while being a parent brings about oodles of happy and loads of exhausting moments. You just reminisce and count each one of them. But some precious moments spent with your bundles of joy have thier undying effect on us. They tend to help us shape of parenting figure in a better way. Those times do leave an impact on your mind and heart and and you just remember that moment even after span of decades passing by.
It was just a day like any other one and an incident equally common. But that saved me a memory for a lifetime and a lesson I learnt and hence want to forward it to all. While we always teach our kids to avoid lies and make sure we are connected to honesty in the most honest ways, we sometimes unintentionally teach them the opposite.
My morals passed out to them were never different and therefore, when once I got an unwanted call and wanted to avoid it, I told my son to say I wasn’t at home. He thought for a second and did the needful. Later,he demanded to hear pinochio’s life story wherein he gets long nose because of saying innumerable lies. Then he asked me whether his nose because long too as he just said a lie because of me. And wanted to know why would I like home to be the cursed one with long nose?

The realisation hit me badly. And I was shocked and embarrassed of myself for the value I just inculcated in my baby’s mind. Because of his innocence, he spoke out and let me knew where I went wrong. But for all and other times things aren’t same.
From that day onward, I made sure I never repeated such mistake. This day and situation made my journey as parent a lot better and precautions. Parenting is never an easy job, but the feeling of shaping better humans through your efforts makes it equally worthwhile.

“I am blogging for the Parents’ Day activity at Parentous

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