The valleys of unexplored dreams!

Travelling can be called as a natural stress buster and smile booster for most of us! Just the idea of exploring the unexplored destinations and scout around unknown places gives about a sense of refreshness to all travel freaks like myself.

Though we visit innumerable places during our life time, we still aspire to head on to that one place some day which always appears on the back of mind when we think of holidays! A certain destination that we dream of paying a visit one day and explore it’s each nook and corner until our time gets over, but our exploration doesn’t! Well, that’s what travellers are like. Thier thirst for exploring each new place every time never gets satisfied. Rather, it gets on increasing the more they indulge in the process knowing that particular place.

Being a travel hearted or spirited as you can call me, I always dream of various spots to hit around the whole globe. The love for my country and it’s unique beautiful places and thier incredibility staying intact, I often  crave to know more about some really remarkable destinations around the world that I would certainly want to visit and know more about it.

One of those destinations is Prague! A historical city in the Czech Republic, always attracts me with its ancient beauty and the curiosity to watch and study it’s heritage and culture from close is just too much! The ancient art that added glamour to this city which is already blessed with the boon of natural beauty too, is truly breath taking. I really carry that dream to roam through those ancient streets and gaze upon openly and nearly towards those finely crafted prague castles, the Wallenstein palace and the Star villa  that’ll surely transfer you to the world of fairy tales.

There are similar cities Rome and Venice that impress me a lot. The dream of getting to know the world’s best heritage and culture through exploring these cities is always what gets me rejoiced. Whether it’s Colossein, Trevi Fountain or the St. Peters  Basilica,  Rome has that charm to give you that medieval ancient feeling as you move around those semi crowded roads and gaze admirably through those historical heritaged monuments. 

Venice with all that spectacular bridges, canals, lakes and those anciently built museums that carry thier culture and heritage with pride and beauty is another dream of a travel soul In me. Aspiration to sway about the smooth lake and admire some really astounding cultural infrastructure is a really awe-inspiring dream of mine.

A trip to my favourite place and some time spent in exploring these exhilarating beauties and cultural destinations and indulging in the panorama of art and sculpture comprises of a dream that’s been building up inside the traveller side of my personality since decades. Hope so, wish so, one fine day,  I shall and I will satisfy my wish and achieve my dreams!

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

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