Those passionate dreams of nature!

Beauty belongs to the eyes of the beholder! Says the most common of the quotes. But I personally think beauty lies everywhere around us.We just don’t happen to view it in that particular aspect. The world is simple so spectacular and attractive, each turning valley portrays a curve in it, every flowing river depicts a beautiful gesture of waves, the strong standing huge mounts carry a degree of perfect firmness in them and each green lush bush contains a beautiful unique feature in it. 

While some of these alluring natural resource have been revolutionised as modern infrastructure and urban cities, there are certain places that still carry those beguiling grace in them. 

Being born and brought up in a metropolitan, I always crave for a trip to those natural beauty to visit. That dream of travelling to a place that carries the essence of fresh trees with some cool, clean and natural water that instantly transfers you to a world of serenity as soon as you approach there. 

India prides in having such paradise on its land, kashmir. The heavenly beauty that lies in this place is so very rich in natural beauty.Those rush of pine trees that are emborsed on high mountains, some being snow cladded too. Those clean fresh lakes and rivers that rush around in wavy noises and sooths your spirit as you go on watching them. Apart from this, Darjeeling, Manali, Andoman and Nicobar  and kerala are some other places in India with equally pleasing natural surroundings.

When talking about global beauty, some of destinations preposess remarkable natural beauty. Switzerland and New Zealand being some of them. I always dream of gazing through that blissful natural serenic surrounding at Switzerland or new Zealand. Those exhilarating islands at new Zealand, those huge lush green mounts with toppings of snow on some of them can make anybody’s soul refreshed.

Being around the nature and breathing in thier freshness is what I aspire and soon want to achieve in my life. But, even I couldn’t just make it in the coming years, my passion for them is going to remain the same. Just like this natural aspect of life, a fresh passion, a sweet one!

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