That Inspiring Advice!

Childhood is all about those innocent dreams and fairy tales trails that made up your castle of hopes! We often used to aspire being what our role models were then. For instance, I was always impressed by this neighbour of mine who was always so kind and loving and was a teacher. Just because I admired her, I always thought I would grow up and become a teacher just like her.

Often, just because we can’t crack up with someone, we think of being exactly an opposite person to that one. We as kids are always building up and rebuilding our dreams according to the type of people we collaborate with.

As a kid, I just don’t know how, but I always spent more time with my books rather than spending it with people around. That’s what inspired me to be a writer someday. Even I wanted to create a world of fantasy on papers and wanted to give life to words just like the writers did to the books I read.

This made my writing and creativity reach the heights of excellency in school and college. So impressed were my teachers with my writings, that they always encouraged me to write up more and showed me some more tricks to get it on a more better level. I had a supervisor of my college, who advised me, when I went to get my leaving certificate in the middle of the year, she said,” no matter, if I don’t get a proper platform to churn my dreams in to reality, grab any opportunity and make the best of it until, it becomes your best platform that you needed to acquire your dreams!”

After that time, years just passed by, my dream of being a writer went for rest somewhere inside, when after ten years and three kids my husband encouraged me to take up a career on social media and later, follow my dream of being a writer.

Today, I am not a  fullfledged writer, but not less than one. That dream of giving words a life is being fulfilled. By writing blogs and stories on watpadd, I tried and made the some opportunity of opening up a website online, the best one to start up a career and follow it, and even get to the point of fame success through it.

The advice of my supervisor together with the encouragement of my husband helped me live my dreams to reality, to carry out my passion as my profession and not regret a single moment of it. Would love to thank then through this blog, for those advices that made my life a sequel verion of my once childhood dream.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMatteredactivity at BlogAdda in association withStoodnt.”

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