The key to be a better human!

As kids we hear so much from people around us! Loads of lectures, ample of advices and innumerable inspiring quotes. Not all are useful and needed at that time of our lives, but somehow,  as we grow up, as we cross away each milestone in our life, we get those advices and quotes to fit in our situation.

My grandpa always said, “nothing gets wasted! Each word uttered, each action done is useful to us in some stage of life.” When I look back today to the journey of my life, I feel what he said was correct. 

As each passing day brings in a new challenge along with it,  those advices once heard,  actually comes back to your mind and you do react the way yu were told once to do so.

In my childhood, I dreamt of being a lady soldier. I was always impressed by Jp Dutta’s patriotic movies like border,  etc.and thought I would be the lady soldier and would live and die for my country. 

But, even as we are screaming on top of our voices about  gender equality and freedom,  we are not free to the word of it when it comes to sending your girl child to military training. These circumstances and orthodox views never let me go on and follow my dreams and soon they were dead and dumped inside me.

Later,  as life went on, I remembered some advices given to me by my mentors about doing our little bit of society from our side even though we don’t own any chair or are a political known person. Following these quotes as and when I met up with a situation,  I started by helping people in need, later supporting them in thier causes and soon building up an NGO for the same.

Today, I am a proud owner of an NGO with around hundreds of members in it and we are so gladly helping out the people of our nation. I may not be on border for protecting my country, but still, I think I lived my dream by helping my fellow country people in my own way.

These advices that I recieved through out my growing years,  helped me to cherish my dream in a more appropriate way. My mentors certainly adviced me the key to be a better human being. The gratitude towards them for this would never die. 

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMatteredactivity at BlogAdda in association withStoodnt.”

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