Dear Zindagi… a letter from me to me!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Dear Zindagi,

So, finally we talk! Well, I know we should have done this long back, but it’s never too late for a fresh start! I have always been thinking about the unsaid words that I’ll someday say it to you! Those unfilled promises, and why didn’t I fill it. Those complains I often had with you, those memories we always shared so secretly together and much much more! Today, let me unbind the words that were so very pressed inside me and let them all scattered in this letter to you!

First of all, thanks for chosing me as your companion till death! Whatever the circumstances but since decades, we have always rocked together. I gladly remember those years of early childhood when we were so care free and relaxed always. When nothing was beyond our reach and I always wanted that phase of time with you to be passed quickly.

And quickly passed it did! When I finally got some brains and experience, all thanks to you, I realised that how fast you were slipping away from my hands. I always regretted those prayers when I wanted you to push me up directly to adult phase.

Like an increasing level in a game, you started becoming a little more difficult to deal with as time passed. I know sometimes I really wished I could break up with you and give up living, but you on the other hand were always patient teaching me new things. Those experiences which made me dealing with further stages a bit more easier.

I certainly fell in love with you almost every time and everyday ever since you help me meet my soul mate! Those were the times when I loved you most of all. Due to stress and work load I even threatened to end up with you in range, but sorry for that, it was just too much stress and I never meant a single word of it.

Those lessons you thought me, always held a meaning behind it. Those happiness I got with you, now has turned in to cherished memories. Loving you comes naturally as you are so very a dear part of me, holding me together, keeping me working and sculpturing a better person from me.

I know we wouldn’t be together always. Someday, we would be separated. I wouldnt belong to you always, but till then let’s forget all those complains we had with each other. Let’s patch up and be the best combo again. Let’s consider all those bad experiences as our mentors and good ones boon to us! Let’s together make each moment we live together as cherished ones and let the world remember ourself as the best inspiration that lived on earth! Till then, let’s be the most dear ones for each other and pledge for full support for each other every time. And for the one last time let me tell you once again, Love you, dear zindagi!!

…. Your’s lovingly,

….. saba!!

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagiactivity at BlogAdda“.

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