Explore the wanderlust in you!

Being a wanderlust is one cherished feeling that only those who are crazy for it can understand! Not all love travelling, but those who do, can relate to this feeling very well. Today, I am writing this post not for the regular travellers, but those who are just too busy in thier lives and routines and cannot make time for travelling and freak outs! 

According to a study recently, about 80% of the world population are victims of extreme cases of stress and depression. Have you ever imagined where this stress start building up from? Why even when being surrounded by hundreds of people around us, we are always alone? Why even when we have nothing to worry about, we still feel an emptiness and stressed from inside? Why at the end of each day, though we are satisfied we worked extremely well but still we feel something is missing? 

Its all because we are so cramped up in our daily routines and work that we never give a glance around us and see what’s the magic going on around us. What we are missing is exploration! For a change, just while you get up in the morning, instead of reading mobile notifications, let’s hear how those early  birds chirp, how the morning brings about the population to hussle around in the lanes.

While going out for our work, let’s throw a sweet little smile to someone, make a silent friendship. That someone will surely smile to you one day and beautify your day, that day when you’ll need it the most! Start exploring the people around you, be it your neighbours or colleagues. Try talking to them just like that instead of approaching  them only when you have work. A call to your loved ones, a joke shared with your old friends whom you have left behind somewhere in the sands of times, small little toffees gifted to those kids playing in the park around your place. Let’s explore humanity for a change through this! 

Explore all those hobbies you almost forgot because of your busy schedule. Grab them back in your life and patch up with them once again. 

Explore relationships today! Catch up with your siblings,  spend some hours together remembering those fun moments as kids you shared together. Date your spouse once again and listen and talk, beautify your relationships by exploring what’s needed in it. Give some special moments of your lives to your parents, make them smile, serve them a little. Believe me, the feeling would be a bliss! 

Now, let’s move on a little further and explore places! They say the beauty of earth cannot be understood until you watch it for yourself! So, next time you get a weekend, plan a hiking or a small trip with family and go exploring the world! If you are rich in money and time and health, grab that opportunity and go wanderlusting! Travel wherever your aspirations take you. The world’s all beautiful waiting to be explored. Catch up with what ever you can until you are still alive. 

And last but not the least, come for a change, explore yourself! See after all those above explorations, do you feel satisfied or there’s something pinching you inside? Get that true gladness feeling in you, cherish the wanderlust now you have become and spread the message to more, let them be happy too. Let’s help  all in exploring these delights of life and be a better human, a content wanderlust in true sense!!

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  1. kushal9049 says:

    Superb content. Keep it up..


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