A Win Against The Fear!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Our achievements define us! They are a major building part of our persona and how we eventually end up as a certain type of human. Daily in our life, we tend to achieve various goals and milestones. Some of them are related to our financial status, some to our social ranks and some are those achievements that beautify our personality personally. Overcoming our fears is one such personal achievement that improves our being and character.

Fears are those type of phobias that quite often hinders our devolupment and progress in any which way during our growing up. These fears sometimes haunt our dreams, sometimes our aspirations. What I learnt from one of my mentors is that never let your fear win the race when it’s competing with your goals!

This thought gripped me more fiercely than those fears could ever do. I started a journey, an emotional journey with all my will power and determination to defeat this fear of mine and achieve the undying feeling of winning!

I always used to fear talking in public, speaking my mind amidst a bunch of people, giving a voice to my words those were already very beautiful and impressive but couldn’t be expressive because I feared speaking up in public! Because I had that strange fear of voicing my opinion in public. The reason it evolved was simple, being bullied during school times by co students who used to always laugh and make fun of my speech and accent that was not so Indian like. Though, I had an exellent talent of writing and creating charisma with mixing and twisting the words, I just couldn’t give them the form of speech that could be accepted in our society.

Strange, being unique is often considered as an insult in our so called democratic society (opposing the freedom of speech part of it!) The story of the ugly duckling during our childhood proves that.

Later, after wasting my all school and high school years with this fear that never did let me flaunt my talent openly, I got an inspiration. One of my friends encouraged me to take part in an international debate challenge after reading my written story on it. I knew someday I had to go out towards the world, opening up, then why not today? Well, the determination, guts it required was much. I knew thr fear of being laughed out already, but internationally was something of a huge risk. But, then I read somewhere, If your determination is bigger than your fear, luck takes your side! and my side it did take! Not a single soul criticised me that day, infact, I stood first in that competition!

Now, you may be wondering how? Well, remember my accent was not normally Indian ? It was actually a bit British type because I couldn’t open my mouth widely while speaking certain words just like we Indians do. And the crowd gathered there were mostly British. LOL ! I wasted years getting bullied and with the fear of speaking up when words and sentences were my passion! But a single step to get over that fear made me a better person now.

There are more, some fears still exist while some I have already conquered! My determination still never let me down. It always bring the luck on my side and my fear never succeeds in winning the race with my goals.

Even you can compete and win with those fears, what’s needed is a little bit of confidence and your very own magic charm for yourself, that’s deterioration! If you need something more, it’s the inspiration. Then read this entire post once again for the same!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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