My secret santa

Santa’s the word revolving around the town since it’s mid December already! Christmas can never be imagined without a santa glorifying it. But all of us in our lives have a santa whose always there for us, thus just by being in our life, this santa transforms our whole life journey as if it’s Christmas week.

I have this Santa in my life whom I rightly call the secret Santa! Well, the reason for it would be obvious enough as you go on reading further. We all are granted with a Santa since the day we are born. No, I am not talking about our moms, those are our angels, always shielding and caring for us. Here I am talking about the secret one, who behind our mum’s back keeps an eye on us. The one who just to provide for us better, works hard enough and often ends up watching us grow while we are in blankets. Who makes sure we get whatever we want even before we ask for it. The one who may be not so strong a person, can actually turn in to a superman just to protect his little angel.

Yeah! You guessed it right. I am talking here about my dad! He is the secret Santa I always have in my life. He always presented me with unique gifts those which were actually presented to me by my mother, while he just being in the back cherished my happy smile while receiving. He is the one who imparted some important knowledge about life to me through his wise, subtle words hence, making a difference in my outlooks too.

He was always the one who supported and trusted my when everybody else thought I was on the wrong side. I can never forget those difficult days of summer when he used to work under hard sun and spend those chilled winters nights doing those extra works just to provide us a better home and lifestyle.

He was the one whose pride when I accomplish something encourages me to perform better just to see that glow in his eyes again. Those content feelings I get when I always share my worries to him are blissful too.

Even after many years of getting married and staying away from him, I still see him dealing with me as a kid. Being concerned about me and doing whatever he could just to see his little angel stay happy. 

That’s how I define my dad, my secret Santa! The one who never leaves being on my side come what so may ever .Hence, inspiring me to be someone else’s secret santa too.

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