Redefined friendship!

I just love my friends! Those nonsense we talk together, those chill pills we prescribe each other, those me.orable cherished memories we share about the mischieves we do together are life. I just couldn’t describe how much my friends contribute to my being myself.

But as we know no bond is firm until it’s tied with knots of tough experiences with it. Our friendship of five super cool hot girls gangs can be called a super tight bond that’s stuck with the most effective adhesive that wouldn’t just break at any cost. Too confident, ain’t I? Well, there’s a reason for it. It isn’t just a most trusted, most ranked upon relationship because I say so. It’s because we have got it tested, through destiny of course by a number of tough situations. And,it still remains the firm one.

Budding from kindergarten, our friendship was really cool from the start. All five of us shared the same level of comfort zone and space with each other. The secrets we shared were never leaked. The promises we made together were always fulfilled.Our secret jokes weren’t understandable by any other person. We were just too perfect! 

Well,but every perfect thing has some imperfection embedded to it. If not, then it’s been bought by some else on it. The same went with our friendship. Some people our of jealousy created a huge misunderstanding between us. We all believed those people and thought each one of us is gossiping about the other to the one next to her and the opposite one is the victim. 

Everything changed then. Those secrets that we once shared were now the talk of the town. Those times when we were together,we neither laughed, nor talked. We just averted our glances from each other. The one mistake that we did during that period was showing lack of trust amongst each other and most of all, never confronting what we felt for each other. The silent game we played resulted in us being more far away from each other and was  slowly dissolving our so called, rock solid friendship! 

Months went by the same way until our parents at home started nudging us about why we finally became so apart. The question remained unanswered in each of our minds because no one of us actually talked about it.That was when one of my friend decided to keep a meet up for the five of us.

After much persuasion finally on a cold winter afternoon, we gathered in a cafe to share some pieces of our lost friendly bond. The warmth in which we slowly started confronting each other, those tears which when being shed, erased all the marks of misunderstandings from our heart made a huge difference.

And then, after much talking we decided to never believe in anything that’s just said by anyone about us and should talk about the thing openly amongst ourselves before believing it. That warm bonding and trust we shared then helped us rebuild our firm togetherness again. 

I am still thankful about that day when we chose to talk and not to just ignore the matter and live our lives separately. That warmth shared by our group help us redefine our friendship in a more firm manner. And hope it remains the same forever!

Here’s a lovely  video  that in some manner gives the same message in the most unique way.

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