Warmth of love!

Relationships are always so complicated! Sometimes the flow of love and respect is easy, while sometimes call for a strong adjustment on both the bearers of the relationship. The status between any relationship keeps on changing  constantly. But the way in which we tackle each and every stage of it is the real factor. That decides as to how very strongly we feel for the opposite person.

Siblings love is one such example of times when there are varied changes in collaboration with one another.The moments shared with siblings amongst themselves is always special. But distances on other can make a huge difference.

I remember, I always shared a very comfortable, compatible relationship with my sister in my early days of childhood. Sharing and caring and mutual understanding was just incredible between us. Those times when she went to my granny’s place for few years of education actually brought about a huge difference in our relationship.

They always say, relationships should never be left in vacuum! They do either fill up the gap with awkwardness or with love! Ours was the awkwardness that made it impossible for us to readjust with each other after being separated for years. We hardly spoke with each other or shared a secret joke or smile. Those happy family dinners were now being sensed as a heavy burden we had to carry out daily.

It wasn’t that we didn’t loved each other, but just we didn’t knew how to bring back those magic in our relationship back which the distance and time had separated from us altogether. 

At those times, I met with an accident and injured my leg severely.Mother being out of town, I had no one but my sister to care for me. Those were the times when our lost sisterly charisma came back to life. The emotional warmth and  the utmost care I received from my sister then made us best ever buddies till date. Those gaps were filled really faster, some by confronting, some with complaints,but all that mattered was that we had each other to support ourselves and confine to.

Rest forgotten, after a decade, married and settled on different corners of a city, we are still separated with distance, but the gap is filled with love this time. The warmth shared at those times made us promise that where ever we are, we will always stay in touch with each other and be the best of friends for life! 

 This video here makes me relate so much with the situation I experienced then, and gives the same message, the warmth shared amongst the people we love is the best cure for everything negative! 
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