Book Review- Europa by Hywel Richard Pinto (fiction)

Fiction novels are always gripping! The excitement of turning each new page and indulging in to a new dramatic and more exciting situation is the most captivating part of reading. And when it’s a science fiction that is a mysterious story too, you just couldn’t help reading the whole book in a go without any possible breaks!

The same happened when I started reading the latest science fiction by Hywel Richard Pinto, Europa! A superb illustrative novel that takes you to the nook and corners of a secret space journey that turns out to be a dangerous journey involving in much more of adventure than just a mission.

I really loved how the story unfolds step by step taking in leaps from the trial room to the time of incidents. This book,in detail, through a journey, Europa, explains how a space journey is carried out and what danger it holds for the people related to it.

The mysterious crime and the unfolding of the same in chapters will keep you engulfed till the last page. The mission than connecting to certain political organisations back in the country gives a new turn to the novel hence making it further more captivating and tempting to read.

The protagonist, Captain Richard Sparks who is being victimised as the main culprit behind all the crime that happened during the mission seems to have a story to tell that’s hard for most of the jury to believe! Now, if he is able to convince the organization about his innocence is what will make you turn pages rapidly.

The climax, is something that you would never dreamt would have happened. It’s being perfectly and very creatively given a new turn that makes the reading the whole journey to truth more exciting.

Personally, I think the books a must read if you love fiction, excitement, adventures, mystery and suspense in a book. And for being a science fiction, the pages that go through explains you all in detail about the various steps of a space journey. The consecutive situations throughout the book wouldn’t let you read even a stanza of boredom.

The most catchy line that I liked from the book is from the preface this time, All trials are not as simple as they seem, not when the accused has a story to tell and some people will go to a great height to protect what actually happened on Europa!

About the author – Hywel Richard Pinto has been born and brought up in Mumbai, he’s been quite a fan of reading and Enid blyton and has been a great reader of her mystery novels, famous five and secret seven. He now works full time in a Media agency as a Sr. Director – Media Planner. He has also written a murder mystery set in Mumbai by the name of “The Monday Murder” which was shortlisted in the top 20 manuscripts from nearly 300 entries by DNA-Hachette India in January 2013 during their Hunt For The Next Indian Bestseller contest.

You can buy this book online on Amazon here Europa – A Sci-Fi Adventure Of Galactical Proportions

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