Food Review- Bonne Salads And More at Lower parel, Mumbai!

Each time you eat or drink something, you are either feeding disease or fighting it!

So, we better eat good and healthy! Most of us are always conscious of our health and fitness nowadays, therefore have been opting for healthy ingredients while we prepare our food and avoid those extra fats and pounds in each meal.

But, getting all those right ingredients fresh daily and preparing good healthy food that’s tasty as well seems a difficult task to accomplish on a daily basis. Hence, comes the roles of various outlets that serves us low carb, protein full and nutritious food. But, you just can’t trust any restaurant or delivery outlet to serve you the best of the healthy dishes made with so much that you may personally want. Neither all of them can prepare a meal that’s healthy and tasty at the same time.

As a foodie, I am often on a food trail, carrying out a journey of exploring my city Mumbai, to get hold of some of the best places that gives food the perfection it needs. It was during this time I came across a place that delivers you the best and healthiest meal option all delivered at your doorstep and consists of just the right ingredients you need to get your daily dose of nutrients. And yes, it’s tasty, so a treat for your taste buds too.

Bonne salads and more is quite a famous name when you ask about it among the foodies that health conscious! Located at lower parel, Mumbai, it delivers some of the best salads, sandwiches, meals, smoothies and healthy desserts almost across the whole of South Mumbai.

I have tried almost all of the dishes from their menu and must say each of them includes large quantities of greens and beans, proteins and carbs and all to the freshest quality that it can be. Check here for some recommendations of the same:

  • Couscous Mediterranean salad- A great mix of couscous, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, yogurt, feta cheese and much more fresh veggies. This is quite filling and high in nutrients too.
  • Healthy grilled chicken salad- A twistful sweet and salty tasting salad with generous quantity if chicken, veggies, greens, honey and bocconcini cheese.
  • Chickpeas and feta cheese salad- Salad with chickpeas in huge quantity along with cucumber and tomatoes and large chunk of feta cheese.
  • Chicken with ricotta cheese- Some huge quantity of chicken pieces along with feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and some more veggies.
  • Grilled Mediterranean sandwich- Multi grain based breads grilled perfectly with generous quantity of hummus, grilled zucchini, bell pepper and feta cheese accompanied with mustard dressing.
  • Desi paneer tikka sandwich- Again, I chose the multi grain base for the sandwiches whivh included of thick layers of paneer, broccomole dips and lettuce.
  • Whole wheat Penne pasta- cheesy, saucy and yummy pasta consisting of Penne and veggies all in good quantity.
  • Stir fry soba noodles with chicken- Thin noodles along with fresh vegetables and chicken and awesome taste.
  • Very berry smoothie- A deliceous mix of fresh berries and perfectly blended in an awesome smoothie.
  • Sunshine smoothie- A yellow looking scrumptious smoothie considering of bananas and pineapple and fresh fruits making it super delicious.
  • Watermelon juice- Natural water melon in its pure form.
  • Whole wheat Carrot cake- Deliceous tasting perfectly bake cake that has a hint of Carrot’s sweetness.
  • Chia seeds pudding- soaked chia seeds transformed in to a sweet pudding tasting best with fruits on it. These are some of the very best and tasted vegetarian and non vegetarian options that you can try out from bonne salads and more being quite relieved of the freshness and quality of the same.

You can also check their latest promotional offers to get a good discounts of your offer and know more about their latest deals and deliceous meal options by following on their various social media platforms here:

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