The Future is Exciting with Vodafone!

Future is exciting… Ready? Says the new Vodafone tagline! The telecom company that has been evolving rapidly in the past decades according to the consumer needs and changing demands of the times, is yet again emerging a winner in the world of connectivity with a brand new idea! From the concept of getting a puppy following the girl to the cute little zoozoos to the chhota recharge plans, they have always been mastering the art of satisfying the customer needs with the most unique and best way possible.

With digitalisation engulfing the world in it’s arms tightly, the era of mobile life and IoT taking over the globe, a great connectivity and a huge amount of possibilities is whats the need of the hour. Hence, here again, taking in to consideration the demands of changing generations and technology, Vodafone has come forward with whole new exciting ideas to grab this chance of ruling the world of connectivity yet again with their amazing network.

Starting from a simple hello, to the long chat on video calls, they are ready to give you the best they can and make sure your future gets more exciting.

The earlier logo and the tagline of power to you gave us all the power we needed to remain connected no doubt, this new logo and the tagline of Future is Exciting… ready, has so much more optimism to it. Hence, informing us that with the changing time we can explore more possibilities along with the best connectivity and are we ready to embrace the change yet?

Vodafone MD Sunil Sood, rightly said that the aim of the campaign is to harness the company’s branding to the optimism of consumers about the future and to the positive ways in which technology is going to change people’s lives in coming years. It’s going to benefit each and every sector of the society, from a farmer, to a businessman, from a kid to an oldie.

The new logo of being a speech mark will place much greater emphasis on Vodafone’s iconic ‘speech mark’ in the biggest change to come . The change will reflect the evolution of Vodafone from being just a telecom service provider to a total communication solutions partner too.

So lets stay glued to know what’s more in store in the exciting future for all the vodafone users and are they ready for the same?

Check these video to know more about the idea.

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