Book review- Waise ek baat hai!

Book reviewBook review

For all the poetry lovers out there, especially the ones who enjoy reading Urdu and Hindi poems, here’s a sure to read treat that you just can’t miss! Waise ek baat hai- a book on love, relationship, betrayal and emotions by Sumit Mittal is the one book that describes these emotional aspects in the life of millennials in a beautiful way! A Book that is around 50 minutes of read covers human relationships especially the romantic ones in the most grasping poems each displaying the deep thoughts and feelings of the poet in a better way than another.

About the author:

Sumit Mittal, a young budding poet debuting with this book because of constant encouragement from his friends, based from a town city, Raigad in Chhattisgarh, India. He has got his graduation degree in journalism from the university of Manipal and is a part time theatre actor and also loves singing. His belief in love and it’s power of being the supreme emotion got him writing this book full of poetries that depicts his strong feelings on love!

My take on this book:

I liked the way this book is systematically wrapped up! It neatly lets you read your favourite poetic lines in Hindi script later defining the same meaning in English and also, the poetic phrases and the meaning of the poetry doesn’t change even in this process. I loved the way the author has beautifully scripted each poetry, some emotionally, some romantically while some are dedicated to humans in general. Also, apart from the smile(muskurahat) Of someone special, I found no other idea or phrase being repeated in the whole book. Another plus point of this book is that it doesn’t get you bored by the same idea or listing of the poetries, some are simple four liners that describe the emotions naturally, while some exaggerate their way to longer ones. This, keeping you hooked up as you move on from page to page to find even more poetries scripted on the next one.

My favourite lines of the book!

Though, i loved reading the whole book and finished it within no time, some of the lines of the poet really got submerged in my thoughts. Would like to copy those lines here too. These are:

  • हर ख्वाईश पूरी हो ये बात जरुरी नहीं होती जो मैं आज हूँ, शायद मैं होता अगर तू मुझे मिल गयी होती

This is not necessary That you get everything you wish for I may not have been what I’m today If you and I were together

  • ज़ीने के नीचे छुपा कर रखी है जीने की वजह तेरा कोई खत संदूक से निकल आज फिर हाथों में आया

Beneath the steps is hidden The reason why I am alive It seems as if a letter from you has come out of chest And brought everything back to life

  • जो भी है जेहेन में सोचता हूँ उसे नज़्म कर दूँ मेरे हर शब्द में अक्स है तेरा सोचता हूँ कागज़ पर तेरी तस्वीर कर दूँ

I feel whatever is there in my mind I should try and express that to you Every word of mine bears your reflection I think with those words I’ll picture you

  • बड़े अजीब होते है कुछ रिश्ते निभाए तो यूँ लगता है कि रोज क़त्ल होता है मेरा निभाए अगर तो नज़रे नहीं मिला पाते खुद से

Some relationships are strange It seems to be so My soul’s being butchered everyday in exchange Even then I try meet expectations upto I can’t do anything else cause I’m unable to change

Review and ratings:

  • A must read even if you can’t read Hindi script, the English one is also great!
  • Easily readable lines and languages, nothing complicated in there.
  • Nicely scripted and organised e-book.
  • Ratings- 4.5-5! You can buy the kindle edition or the e-book for 49INR by clicking here!

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  1. Sohanpreet Kaur says:

    Good book.

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  2. Sohanpreet Kaur says:

    Have you seen second edition?

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  3. Great book! It is nicely presented. Keep it up!


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