Dishes on sondays!

So, it’s our Sonday again and we are all excited to try out something new today! Like each week, Ariel India assigns is some of the easiest yet exciting tasks which can make a huge difference in our domestic and social lives as well. Thread tasks help us to create an awareness in our kids that house chores are to be shared equality at home and with each other’s free wish. This also points out in the direction that no one should be forcibly abiding the house chores assigned to them. House chores can be fun, if done properly using some incredible hacks and tricks. That’s how these weekly challenges by Ariel India gets our kids motivated to do the daily task with vigour and joy. Later, they turn out to learn and evolve in these habits and hence create a situation at home where in each of the shares the load equally well with each other.

Let’s see how much our sons are able to cope up with these tasks and remain those favourites of moms even when they are sharing those heavy loads of moms!

So, it was doing the dishes with mom this Sonday and my son was a little bit hesitant about it. Helping in clothes washing through machines and rearranging the wardrobes was dry and mostly a cringe free task, but dishes can be smelly, wetty and dirty! Says MAMA’s boy on hearing the task. Well, it was just a bit convincing that if you use these dishes, what’s wrong in washing and cleaning them as well!

Then Mr. junior ladha was unstoppable. He went on starting with the breakfast dishes, all clad still in his nightshirt, washing the mini biscuit plates first and later doing the mugs well. The dishes were actually shining and he was constantly glancing at them again and again to make sure these were clean and even smelling them to check if they still stinks. (Like mother, like son)

That was when I clicked this picture! For this Sonday, I’m glad now my son washed his cups and mini plates after each of his snacks and breakfasts. I think he needs more of these Sunday lessons to help him get a habit of washing his lunch and dinner plates too, but I know when the start was this good, one day, soon, my son would definitely share my load!

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