The question of the day- why does your grout change colour?


The question of the day- Why does your grout change colour? The love for your home can be viewed in your eyes when you enter the haven and gaze around at the beautiful layout in front of you! But hey, why that weird face when you stared at your floor? It’s clean, isn’t it? They why do you often cringe at the sight of your tiled floor and indulge in a deep thought about the same? You aren’t thinking of replacing the tiles right? You just did laid the new ones some years back!

But here the issue may not be your tile, but the grout! Yes, discoloured grout can be an eye sore. You may have laid fresh tiles just a few months back, but the grout has the tendency to change its colour within this short time span destroying your beautiful layout of tiles. That’s why it becomes essential to go for tile cleaning and even grout cleaning purpose. They’ll thoroughly and properly clean these areas ensuring neat looking floor and an improved grout in your house.

Reasons why your grout changes it colour!


Now, the question of the day stays unanswered as to why does your grout change its colour? Well, the answer and the reasons for the same can be read below.

Walking with shoes on it

If you aren’t using rugs and door mats and there are people walking on the tiles with dirty shoes, the grouts are going to get dirty easily. They’ll absorb the dirt from the footwear and gradually turn into brown, grey or black in colour.

The wrong chemicals and detergents

If you ask the professionals, they’ll tell you that there are certain special chemicals to be used for grout cleaning specifically. And if you don’t know this and you use just any detergent to clean it; this chemical instead of releasing the dirt outside, locks them in which obviously leads to the colour change of the grout later.

Damp showers

If the grout is exposed to lots of damp showers such as in your bathrooms, then these are bound to turn brownish within a few days! It’s actually due to the impurities settled in water that’s getting mixed with the dust and particles in the grout bringing out the ugly shade.

Wrong usage of mops

If you are using swifter mood, then you are certainly adding to the discolouring of the grout. This wrong method of mopping adds into the dirt settlement in the grout rather than pulling it out.

Improper grout mixture laying

Sometimes the grout changes into a different colour than you originally chose for it in just a day or two. No, its not because of your fault, but it’s due to improper mixing of the grout layer at the time of filling them. This mistake by the workers often leads to a dingy looking grout and a total embarrassment in front of your guest even in your new home.

These are the most common reasons due to which you often find your grout looking exactly the opposite than its original look. And believe us, apart from being absolutely ugly to look at; this can be extremely unhealthy too! So, it’s better to have it cleaned thoroughly by a professional and if needed renewed too for a beautiful and healthy floor and home!

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