Top 5 reasons why MentalHood should be on your binge watch!

Motherhood is a crazy journey! Or more so, parenthood is an extremely tough one! But the task of upbringing kids being a homemaker or with your work has some tough strings attached to it that no one can assume of, unless they themselves carry out this duty. From setting the right example of an ideal woman or man in your child’s vision to instigating the right habits and respectful manners, we wouldn’t call it anything short of a mount climbing task! And if you are a parent, you can absolutely relate to this feeling even by reading the first sentence of this piece!

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 Introducing – MentalHood!


And for all of us kid tortured moms and dads, here is a tribute in the form of a series, MentalHood on ZEE5! When I first heard about the name, I assumed it to be a specifically comic show with a typical storyline. But when you watch the trailer in detail, the concept goes beyond just the comic aspect! The recent show directed by Karishma Kohli, written by Ritu Bhatia features Karisma Kapoor, Dino Morea, Sanjay Suri, Sandhya Mridul, Shilpa Shukla, Shruti Seth and Tillotama Shome. 


 The basic idea of the show!


You may be thinking, if the story isn’t just comic, then what it actually is? Actually, MentalHood takes you to the depth of parenting and specifically motherhood. It beautifully describes the various dilemmas in a parent’s life that’s seen while upbringing the kids. The distinct lives of the parents here are absolutely relatable as we all may feel as one of them in our journey of parenthood. It’s a series, that isn’t just for parents, but for teens, older generation and even kids to understand how difficult is parenthood and the oldies can realise the tough struggles today’s parents face in bringing up the kids. And if you are thinking about the top reasons to catch the series today, read on! 



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 Only for Lolo —Ok, so even you are a die-hard fan of karisma kapoor drooling over her Raja Hindustani look even today ? Then you may be waiting for her comeback as impatiently as I have been doing so! This show is the answer for your prayers. We will get to see the ravishing Lolo again and in a totally new avatar ! So tell me, how can you miss her such a grand comeback ?



 It’s a star studded affair  we all did have a crush on Dino Morea and Sanjay Suri in their debut movie, Pyar me Kabhi kabhi. And Shruti Seth, the cute fairy from Shararat and other famous stars like Sandhya Mridul also makes a comeback after a long time through this show. This guarantees a show with an exceptional star cast and fabulous performance by each of them.



 A new perspective of parenthood— We all have been parenting  in our own personal way. This show gives you not one or two, but half a dozen distinct perspectives of parenthood. And for those who aren’t parents still, it’s asneak peak into your future. Not to scare you, but let you know the sweet journey of bringing up kids also hassome tangy touch to it.



 Excellent storyline and concept — For all those who aresearching for a perfect option to kill the leisure timeduring quarantine period, here’s a gripping andinteresting concept taking you beyond the Saas-bahu sagas. There’s this new sarcastic and wise comedy withsome new aspects attached to it which again is superinteresting to watch. 



 It’s on ZEE5 when the super power of television bringsyou a show, be sure to guarantee its complete entertaining factor! I personally find this reason enoughthat the new show is a part of my favourite ZEE5 which has a history of featuring some awesome shows sincetheir commencement. 



Well, this explains one thing for sure, now you have quite a few reasons to check the new show, MentalHood by AltBalajion ZEE5. And if you are still under doubt, just watch theirtrailer or read the above everything again !

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