Dream dressing table for home décor!

We all love ourselves and naturally the joy of adoring yourself in the mirror is something extraordinary! And obviously the place that lets us know that you are awesome is the mirror! So yes, you guessed it right, today we are talking about mirrors and we always have this mirror located on our dressing tables! That’s why, indirectly, we would elaborate about dressing tables today and would conclude with our dream dressing table!

So, let’s play a game today! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself ready to decked up in front of a dressing table! Now, what do you see in there? What would you require to get ready? What’s the ideal shape or mirror that you’d love or the colour or that extra beautiful factor you’d desire in your dressing table? And also the functionality, imagine that too. Because that’s what we are going to talk about below— your dream dressing table! So, dressing table on the wall.. how’d you want it all?

1) Functionality and practical — Your dream dressing table would require to be as practical as your requirements are! It’s upon you to decide how much space you need for your daily essentials. And keeping it organised is key too. You’ll need shelves for your perfume, cosmetics, comb box, place to keep your dryer, etc. When you are designing it or buying a readymade one from the market, ensure to have that ample of space in your dressing table.

2) Is awesome to look at — So, are you the simplicity lover who likes everything subtle and plain? Then just a woody dressing table in plain brown or any matching colour of your furniture would be ok! And if you are colour crazy persona, you can design the same in different designs with some artistic touch to it and even give it a nice shape.

3) Never underestimate the mirror —The most significant part of a dressing table is the mirror! Never go for adjustments here! You can get it as big as you want or keep it short and sweet. There can designer mirrors with delicate designs on its border or the ones carved manually with woodwork on the corner and the options are endless. Be sure to get the most glamorous mirror you like and the one in which you’d like to see yourself.

4) Being comfortable is needed — If you are the one who loves gazing for hours in the mirror reflection or just take too much time in getting ready, you just can’t stand there for hours doing the same. In this case, you should select a dressing table with a comfortable stool or chair for all time spent in this section. Whatever searing option you are choosing, ensure it matches the look of Your dressing table.

5) The X factor — Now comes the beyond basics part! Just having a glamorous dressing table doesn’t make it dreaming always. You can always add that extra hook to male some more room, stick your favourite sticker on the corner of mirror and so on. In short, you just have to personalise your dressing table according to your wish and that’s the X factor you need in your dream dressing table.

So, isn’t this how exactly your dream dressing table would look like? If not, you can be as creative as you like and keep on adding as much features as you like!

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  1. I would love to have all those dressing tables. But unfortunately, my rented house is small for such luxury.


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