Create a charming décor with correct choice of curtains and cushions!

Can you imagine a comfortable and sweet looking home without curtains and just naked windows? Obviously not! Windows look lively with a flare of curtains in it and the more selective and positive you are in your choice of curtains, the better look it gives to your home.

Also, cushions can be an essential factor for a comfortable home ambience. And when it’s adding so much in your comfort, then why not make it look alluring with beautiful designs and smart colours? So today, let’s talk about selecting the right curtains and cushions for lovely rooms in your home.

1. Go beyond the coverings — If you thought cushions and curtains are just coverings for widows and mini pillows, think again! They can not only block the light and keep dust away, but also give that special tough to your home and provide a terrific décor if complemented well with your colours and patterns. So, keep in mind the decorative factor too along with choosing an ideal material for covering.

2. Colours can be the X factor — The colours you select for your curtains and cushions effect your home décor a lot. It can either be matching to your wall and furniture colour or simply contrast it with the same. You can also go for some vibrant contrasts like sharp pink with the baby pinker option, grey with steel furniture and browns for beige paint, etc.

3. Artist designs are trending — Gone are the days when plain was how the furnishings looked! Today, you can go beyond choosing the geometrical designs and select the artistic paints or your digital photo imprinted on them. Even fabric painting art on the curtain could be extremely appealing and decorative enough.

4. Layers are posh and trending — Are you confused between two materials and can’t decide which material to opt for? Then you can simply by both and go for layered options. But remember that one of your material should we thick like velvet and cotton and the other should be decorative yet very thin like net or tissue.

5. Be as decorative as you can — Long simply laid curtains can be a thing of yesterday. Even, plain square shaped cushions are very monotonous and would look boring In a chic and contemporarily decorated room. You can go for the latest variants in shapes of cushions like heart shaped, fruit ones or those of animal figures. Even curtains can be with frill, flares, semi circular borders, etc.

With the right curtains are coverings for your window and the perfect set of cushions in awesome colours and patterns, you are sure to have rooms worth drooling in your home!

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  1. i just did the curtains of my home. And though I agree with what you say, I decided to stick to simple drapes and panel curtains. Reason – they are easy to maintain and there is no risk of casuality. Well when you have three toddlers in the house running around, you got to be careful 😉


  2. Curtains and cushions can make all the difference in the world. We just redid my parents’s house and the difference was mind-blowing.


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  4. It is a wonderful article stating the create a charming decor with correct choice of curtains and cushions, which can be the best option as per your need. I like how you have researched and presented these exact points so clearly.

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