Bewitching bedroom ideas to blow your minds!

When you are obsessed with home décor, it simply shows in your bedroom. The person who loves decorating his home in the most unique way will have the best décor ideas planted in his bedroom. And why not, that’s the place where you literally soak yourself in comfort after a busy day. And do you know one mantra of quick relaxation ? It’s to always keep your bedroom spic, span and glamorous.

By glamorous bedroom, we don’t mean you have to own a four poster bed, a huge area of space in your bedroom and the most expensive furniture. Even if you aren’t rich in space and gong have that expensive and trendy furniture or bed, you can still get a glam looking sophisticated bedroom designed. Just pick the right accessories, use your sense of colours and sprinkle some creativity over the décor ideas and have an exquisite looking, fabulous bedroom.

 Eye-catching bedroom ideas for a sensational bedroom!

1. Make it chic and functional — A glamorous bedroom should be both chic looking, having contemporary designs and should be logical and functional enough. So when you are browsing over some bedroom ideas and want to pick one for yourself, ensure it has enough space for all your essentials to be placed systematically and doesn’t look to blunt or overcrowded. To ensure the same, keep a good space for drawers, hooks, vast shelves, etc.

2. Choose the royal colours — Colours are the deciding factor in a good looking bedroom. You can choose the ones that are your favourite but a little rich in the field. Like you can create a combination of black and golden or red and silver or simply make it royal blue and glossy pink. Choose such rich and glamorous texture and create a magical ambience in your bedroom. You can also choose a rich colour and add a touch of gold, silver or simple wood in your furniture for a perfect look.

3. Mirror all around — A magical bedroom looks more awesome when there’s mirror all around. Place it opposite the bed or simply attach it on the cupboard. But be sure of spectacular shapes and alluring borders over it.

4. Satins and silks all around — A bedroom can be more charming with lots of sills and sauna flowing over the place. Whether it’s choosing satin bedcovers in fabulous colours or getting your curtains in the same material or simply adding a touch of magical silk with your cushions or fabric sets. Get all the softness you like in the form of satins in your bedroom to make it look comfortable and special.

5. Chandeliers, lamps and lights — Light fixtures are very essential to create a special essence in your bedroom. Pick up a magical looking chandelier to be placed exactly on top of your bed, keep ravishingly attractive lamps on your bedside and choose some colourful light fixtures to have that charismatic ambience in your private haven.

Apart from these you can use your creative side to add your wedding pictures in a wonderful photo frame, decorate your walls with some outstanding art pieces and so much more. After all it’s your bedroom, take your own time and mind and create the best and sweet place you want it to be!

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  1. alpanadeo says:

    I like to add some greenery in my bedroom along with some lights. Wedding pics or just mirror wall decor also interests me…


  2. Navita Bhatia says:

    Color, fabric, and lighting !! Exactly, mixing and matching can transform the look of a room.


  3. soniadogra says:

    Great suggestions and an enviable set up. Thank you!


  4. Kikibee says:

    Wow! The pics looks fab. Need your suggestions when i make one of my own


  5. Jyoti Jha says:

    Wow! Simply superb and very inspiring.


  6. Pr@Gun says:

    Wow, these seem to a ready guide to picking ideas for bedroom decor. Chic and functional is my choice.


  7. Those bedrooms look amazing!


  8. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog. I must say you are doing a great job. Keep doing such hard work. Your blogs are really very informative. Keep posting! Good Luck for your upcoming updates.


  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. saabpakistan says:

    Great first i like your article pix collection and second nicely written

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