Exclusive Exterior additions for a better home!

Our home is our sweetest heaven. But only the interiors! Do you even consider the exterior of your home an essential part of your little heaven when you think of your home? Ok, we agree you are quite keen on keeping it clean, but is it enough? There may be ample of space on your backyard, your front-yard, your driveway and even the balcony and terrace! But most of the times, this section is wasted and not emphasised much. But today, no matter if you live in a compact apartment with a narrow area outside or a nice little bungalow or house with certain acres of space or a terrace, this post is for you and you’ll find something exciting to add in your home exteriors after reading this post today!

When we say the exteriors, please keep in mind that before annexing anything in your home, you should first concentrate on decorating and maintaining what’s already a part of your home exterior. Like painting your house elegantly from outside, your roofs should be well maintained and clean and even your yard and driveway should have e a nice, sturdy flooring with a solid, god looking gate. After all these parts are in intact condition, you can think of adding the below mentioned things to make your home better and beautiful.

1) Greens and gardens — Let’s start with the basics! Doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny space in your balcony or a vast area in your yard, you can add a glamorous garden here with a varied choice of plants. There are cute little herbs that doesn’t require much of space to shed heightened flowery shrubs and even large trees. Make sure you are utilising the entire place with plants that are both useful and ornamental too. If it’s just your apartment with a very tiny spec outside,

creepers can do wonders in adorning your door or gates.

2) Deck or patio — When there’s ample of space with you and you love English houses, you can simply add a deck or patio to your exteriors. Just a wooden plank to create a levelled floor outside and you can place there your comfort furniture, your divans or just keep it a plain party place. The choice is yours and the space is a blessing for outdoor lovers

3) Outdoor pool or jacuzzi— If you think you have got a blessed space outside, you can simply install a pool or jacuzzi here. For the ones who don’t have a yard, can certainly install an artificial pool in your terrace.

4) Kids play area — With kids at home, your entire house can turn tipsy turvy because of their activities. What you need is a special area to help them enjoy to the fullest and even your home stays intact. You can simply add a kids play area in your porch or deck or yard. Just get some swings, slides, games, cars, bikes and even bouncy castle in this area and enjoy the view of your little ones having a great time in your property.

5) Outdoor kitchen — They day history repeats itself after some decades. And the same is happening nowadays. The idea of outdoor kitchen has become a trendy thing once more and you can actually see this idea being in the hot favourite of lots of locals. People are actually utilising their outdoor spare spaces by building a vast kitchen here and it’s the best for those who love hosting lots of parties here.

We are sure you wouldn’t have thought of all these outdoor additions before. If you did, or you have a favourite from these, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. alpanadeo says:

    Exterior of house is equally important as the interior. Kids play area and back yard grilling set up with some comfy sofa is very common in Texas and people loves to do BBQ and even host BBQ parties.


  2. The exterior of the house is very important. It’s the first thing people notice about your house. I love houses surrounded by greenery with a large patio. A jacuzzi/pool would be wonderful but it’ll be challenging to maintain it as well.


  3. These were some amazing ideas along with pictures here. Loved reading the post. I really do wish, I had the luxury to implement these ideas. But Alas!


  4. Pr@Gun says:

    Wow, you have shared some really beautiful designs for exterior decor.
    All pics are lovely. I wish I can implement them now but for now, I will create a virtual dream home like that.


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