What are the necessary amenities one should have when searching for a house?

A house, a home or a shelter – the words define the same thing, a building on a piece of land. But we have so many emotions attached to this very building. If you are a first time buyer, then your emotions and vision of a home and even expectations from it would be totally different from the ones who are buying a house for an investment purpose or just as a second, back up home. But yes, there’s one thing that we all so importantly consider – it’s the amenities that you get with the house. You obviously aren’t paying so much just to buy a flat structure on a land! (If this was the case, building a structure on a flat land was more preferable than buying a built house).

The procedure of choosing the right house!

Doesn’t matter if this is your first home or the 5th one, we request you to kindly take into consideration some of the very important points before you invest such a large sum in buying the house. First of all, take a look at the neighbourhood and the area where you are considering buying the property. Once you are relieved that the area is really safe and sound, you can even look at the possible important convenient places near the house like the schools, hospital, market, etc. After that, take an interest in the house building itself. It is important to look for certain amenities when you are buying a house. And if you require a small guidance about the same, then keep reading.

o The proper division of the rooms —When buying a home, a basic proper structural division is a requirement that you just can’t avoid. See to it that the place has a proper living room, bedroom, bathrooms and a kitchen nicely designed in the perfect layout. If you intend to renovate the place later, even then the basic division of the same is required. And if you are looking for a ready to use house, then these all rooms should be properly designed as well.

o The basic requirements of water and electricity— You just can’t ignore the need of proper water and electrical supply in any house. You will have to inquire if the water pipelines, the drainage and sewage system is property laid in the property. Apart from it, even take a look at the electronic system. If it is a ready to use house, then the electrical wires and connections should be in their prim and proper condition. And if it is an old property which you are going to renovate, then at least the basic electrical lines and openings should be given accurately.

o The curb appeal of the place — Do you know the first thing you notice when you go out to buy a house? It is the curb appeal of the place. The moment a property captures your attention, you know that it is your dream house because of the presentation of the house from outside. So, if the place is giving you some negative vibes, then consider your decision once again. If it is a ready to use house, pay special attention to the exterior paint, roof, gutter and even the yard. And if you are going to renovate the place, then just a strong foundation is enough to impress you.

o The add ons in the house’s exteriors—A house with a nice exterior is certainly a pleasant offering. So when you get a house which has large yard, even a garage space, a driveway and some space to build up your small garden, then this is something that you shouldn’t let go of your hands easily. Consider buying such a place which gives you a nice area in the exterior of the house to enjoy all these amenities.

o The comfort factor — Whatever you read above were the amenities that you would require in a basic home. But if you are looking for a comfort factor or some luxurious touches to the house that you intend to buy, then look for the faucets in the bathroom, the appliances and decoration of the kitchen, the properlay out out of the living room, the tiles that are laid on the floor, the attractive paint on the walls, the nice windows and doors and even the handles that are used in the place. Well, it is your comfort, you know best if it’s only limited to air conditioners and soft mattresses or even extend to the inclusion of gym and mud room in the house.

o Some petty things to consider as well — We wouldn’t call these small things as amenities, but these are something really important to look into when you are searching for a house. Like, you have to ensure that you are safeguarded from any water leakages happening in the place. And the best way to look for it is just glance at the ceilings of the houses. If there are patches, then the place has water leakages. You should also check if there is no termite infestation in the place apart from any dark history related to the house or the previous owner.

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