We writers are crazy people!

We writers are crazy people!

We play with words to let you know the description of everything, and when it comes to ourselves, we don’t have the synonyms for our exclamations!

We understand what you are going through and often write exactly in the paper, but when it comes to our feelings, we have jumbled thoughts and words

We know the science behind some some words and the meaning behind those deep words. But often our words are deeper than the sea and nobody understands the meaning behind them,

we write as a crazy people!

We think in depth to understand what you like and we never understand what we like ourselves better.

We dwell in your thoughts to put your thoughts in words. But our thoughts are often left uncompleted because we couldn’t write it better.

We writers are crazy people!

We ink the mindsets stereotypes and fears of others to release the stress and tension around. But our jammed stress and tension is often too tightly packed it.

We are full of optimism for the readers and give them a new hope. And what about our hopes? I wonder if we even have one!

We writers are crazy people.

We just know to write, not to unwind and express ourselves better. May be that’s why…. We writers are crazy people!

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