The most unique and sweet Valentine’s Day gift options for your partner!

Enters February and we are all concerned about the romantic days coming ahead. And especially if you are committed in a relationship, you have to think loads about gifting something special for your love one in this season of love. We know your loved one is very precious to you and that is why you are concerned so much about even making that person feel special. And when it comes to choosing the right gift, often there are so many options available on the Internet that you are confused as to which one would be best for your partner. Don’t worry, today we have listed some gifts which are totally unique, least thought of and would definitely bring a sweet smile on your loved ones space.

The green options — Today you will find everybody concerned about the environment and going green. And if we are assuming right, even your partner is thinking of environment more because of the future environmental risks coming ahead of us. For that matter, we would suggest you that you should try going for the green gifts this Valentine’s Day. Well, by green gifts we mean the products which help in making the environment better. Like the terracotta pots from Tokenz are awesome for your indoors and exterior gardens. And your partner could plant a sapling in this pot to remember your gift for longer. As the plant grows bigger, even your love for each other would blossom. And of course, how can we forget the benefit to nature that it would cause. When you browse the site, you’ll be aware of more such amazing gifts for your loved one. There are number of different shapes in the terracotta pots. You can pick the book shape pot or the hexagon shape or simply a plain one. Whatever your partner would love the best. And if you aren’t limiting yourself to only this, you can also consider checking the decorative lights they have and even chocolates and dry fruits to accompany your gift. So basically your Valentine’s Day gifts plan is sorted if you are checking Tokenz for the same.

Personalised gifts — Following the recent trend of customisation and personalisation, we suggest you to grab a gift both for yourself and your partner this time and customise it beautifully. You can either pick similar caps for both of you with your names and go together twinning with it, or simply get a customised purse, wallet, cushion, mobile cover, etcetera. The variants are innumerable and even the phones and the designs for customisation are totally amazing . And if you want more, you can even gift a frame to your loved one with both of yours pictures together or the special moments shared beautifully in it.

Self pampering kit or voucher — Do you think your partner is really working hard and needs some time off from the stress of work ? In that case, why don’t you give her or him a self pampering kit? It can be a nice kit with skin rejuvenating lotions and aromatic candles or simply you can give your partner a voucher to the spa and book a special massage session for your loved one. We’re sure your partners body and mind would thank you desperately for the same.

A staycation together maybe — There’s nothing better than going off from the rest of the world to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way. How about planning an exquisite staycation to a really romantic place with your partner? Well, you can even hire a car or take yours along with you and go for a road trip for the same. Just book one of the best hotels in that exclusive place and enjoy the activities stored in there for you. Some time alone together would be really magical and charismatic and would certainly do a lot of good to your relationship.

A cute little pet — We know you don’t like sharing the love and attention of your partner, but a pet is entirely different. This is one of the sweetest thing to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a small pup or a little kitten, your loved one should not be allergic to animals and would definitely welcome the idea of a new company. What’s more, this would be a first ever child together as well.

Loved these ideas? Do let us know which one works for you this valentines day to surprise your loved one!

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