Fool me twice ( fiction)

      Yes , I was not mistaken . It was he , after all those years , I can still recognise him in a flash of a second . There he was , the same persona with oodles of confidence and lots of magnetic power to attract anybody .But did he still had the same arrogance that used to ride on his back always .. that was what I couldn’t make out !
              He strode towards me .. said something like good day or good morning . I was too lost to understand it . Still , he was talking to me and responding was a must . May to be prove him I didn’t feel the same like past ,or may be to let him know I don’t care . I just returned with a small “hello” !
         After a little talk about weather , we sat down in the last table of the small café where we met . “I want you back in my life ” ! That was the first sentence I heard when we sat and which actually made sense to me . I was numbed , shocked , gasped ..don’t know how to explain that moment ! But yes , the lines were astonishing . He repeated his lines with lots of explanation that he knows my value now … my love for him was true and now , he shared the same feelings too . That only myself can complete his now ragged life . He wanted my answere , and I went long back … those four years back when life was not such complicated as it was now , when smiling and giggling were never a tax . When I was so funny , my sense of humour used to create a havoc of laughter in parties .
             I still remember the day I met him the first time , at a friend’s party . When I was the leader guiding groups for a game and suddenly this man came and called for attention . The first meet was enough to leave us both liking for each other . He was smart , good looking , intelligent and what not . I was simply awwed by his presence in my life . We had many more meets and parties after that day and had a blast of time together .Soon , we were a couple madly in love with each other , or may be only I was madly fallen for him .Too blind to look or think otherwise .
           But , the day soon came when my dreams were shattered by the hardest hammer of reality in to pieces  and I soon came to know he was seen with his latest lady love . I was thrown out of his life like a waste tissue somewhere and a TIMEPASS  .. that’s what he called me when I went to convince him of my eternal love for him . My tears went wasted in front of arrogance and in no time he went away .
         I was left stranded in midway amidst the path of love . Alone , shattered and never a happy person like before . It took four years to get together once again . And here he was today claiming to love me back . Begging for my presence in his life again . I examined inside me and realised .. I still loved him . Inspite of his dumping me , my love never died .it slept inside somewhere , but after having him once again in front of me , crying for me , so weak just for me , I couldn’t control myself and with tearful eyes accepted him back in my life gladly .
       Life was so blossoming once again . We were having awesome time chatting till midnight on social sites , clicking cool selfies and partying till we dropped down on our feets dancing madly .
        It’s six months now , that day I was thinking of asking him to think about our future permanently together . And how happy we will be in our new love nest . Woww , just the thought was  making me blush . But after an hour’s wait at our favourite restaurant , the bellboy gave me a letter . It just held a small note written by his bold writing types . “I am sorry , you are a great friend .But I get bored of you easily .In search of someone special . Thought you were her , but you are quite less . Bye ,see you again . ”
               I was simply shattered . But this time I didn’t cry .. I just gave up my bill and left with my head high and chin squared .  Blaming him didn’t come in my mind, because even after first time being ditched and insulted by him , I still blindly trusted him ., accepted him in my life . My love left me fooled once again and as it is wisely said , first time fooled is a mistake , but second time is a crime ! I commited that crime and punishment was what I deserved .
              May be , I wouldn’t ever trust even the most honest person again in my life . May be , I wouldn’t love anyone again with such sincerity . May be , I wouldn’t be dumb enough to get fooled again ever . Because , the first time it left me weak and the repetition of it ended me so numb that I couldn’t feel the weakness again !
         This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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  1. Very well written. Sometimes, we shouldn’t trust the person who dumped us.

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