Parenting – Bed wetting a pychological problem .

         Parents nowadays are too much stressed and harrased because of thier kid’s bedwetting problems . They tend to experiment lots of grandma’s tips modern ways to cure or prevent it but , to no wail !


         But , the stereotype we have in our minds is that bedwetting is due to cold , cough or getting frightened in sleep . Which, to some extent are relevant reasons .But actually what 85 % even educated parents don’t know is , that bedwetting is actually a pychological problem rather than a physical one !


           Kids after a certain age which most doctors claim as 2.5 years , bedwet  due to getting neglected by parents or being emotionally or physically exploited by someone .


           Most kids bedwet after they are expecting or had a new sibling or due to loss of either of parents oe guardians to whom they were close by . Heredity is also a vital cause for it . Some kids bedwet because they inherit this habbit from either of thier parents , but the chances are just 5 % in this case .
           So , when we observe kids bedwetting suddenly , talk to them , pay a little more attention as to where the kid is being neglected . And not by any chance expose this habbit of the kid publically , this nay enhance the problem and reduce your kid’s confidence . The kid may be admitted to a new school or a new peer group or something where he doesn’t fit in . A counselling is best suggested for this cause . A little love and care will surely cure this problem from root ends apart from some meagre home remedy of applying vicks vaporizer or any other balm just below the kids abdomen while sleeping will do wonders to cure this problem .


            The problem of bedwetting can extend till the age of 12 years too . So , even if your kids is near teens , he / she can be still affected with this pychological problem . So , what actually we think as a huge problem in our kid’s daily routine and life can be easily sorted out with a meer attention and home remedy .
            Then , why not try this miraculous idea and get rid of this hibdrance of your kid’s life . Because after all , what we want is our kid growing up with best habbits and happines !!

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