Restaurant review – Masala kraft , Taj Mahal , Colaba , Mumbai .

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I just love weekends ! Especially , if its promised with an exciting date to congratulate it . Today , was no exception ! It was Saturday night and what a well planned and spent night it was !
My hubby promised me a great dining experience if the project he was working on went fine .And well , luck was certainly cheering us up and we ended up booking for a table for two at a 5 star restaurant at Mumbai .
When you are a Mumbaikar , you wouldn’t have lead your life to the fullest here if you haven’t dined at the Taj Mahal Restaurant ! Yes , that’s the name that clicks in your mind each time you hear the word 5 star . I am certainly talking about the same .
Visiting the Taj Mahal is what I really drool for  .And a dinner date at it , is certainly a bliss on blessings ! The huge charming litted building in itself is a pleasant site to stare for hours without a single blink . It speaks of perfection with elegance at just the first sight of the wonderful art piece !


Then , exited as I was we drove into the huge driveway of The Taj Mahal Hotel , Colaba . After a perfect checking of our car and leaving the car itself at the main gates at the hands of the eager chauffeurs to park them somewhere suitable we entered the huge , litted , bright  corridor of the Taj .
Along the corridor ,wherein at left hand side there are certain well known International branded shops . And as when we go straight in , we enter the huge lobby of the hotel . It’s one of the most spacious and comfortable lobbies of hotel’s I have visited so far with soft comfy sofa sets all around the corner and inquiry desk and reception with pleasant and eager to help staffs .
We went straight towards the restaurant we were booked in , that was,  The Masala Kraft ! Pure Desi type , as I am, I solemnly experiment with my choice of cuisines or food . So , that’s the reason we chose an Indian restaurant to dine even when Taj Mahal prides in having a large number of other one of the bests internationally renowned multi cuisines restaurant .
Well , we entered the exotically yet subtly  decorated charming restaurant and were shown towards our table pretty kindly . But , I couldn’t help clicking some cool pics of the restaurant .



It just started raining in Mumbai so we were craving for some hot soup to match with the cool chill in the air . Chicken rogan soup fitted in perfectly well . And belive me , they serve it pretty good too .Light taste with small chicken pieces , not to hot , but warm enough to leave you warmed up !
Our main course was equally delicious ! We ordered chicken curry , murg kali mirch , butter naan  and mughlai biryani !
Chicken curry tasted relishingly fabulous with tender chicken with a sweet twinge


while , murg kali mirch was spicy chicken cooked in black  pepper !
Thier butter naan also excels the mark with the softest naan I have ever had


and mughlai biryani had the amazing pure Indian Mughlai taste with perfect blend of Masalas (Spices ) and tender mutton pieces cooked with perfect rice . Hmmm , I can still feel the yummy aroma of it when it was served hot ! Desserts , we really had no space left in tummy for it ! Though , I still regret tasting one of them , the way that eager to serve waiter described it taste as !
We quitted after having a large quarter of food served to us . Tummies full , we were lazy enough even to move a bit . Finger bowl with warm water and minute lime pieces left us finished with out exotic and luxury dinner !
The food at Masala Kraft is purely Indian yet served in the most modern way with a still and silent ambience of the restaurant ! The Masala they blend into thier dishes to produce such ravishing and unique dishes is just awesome ! You wouldn’t get the taste anywhere else .
Though the cost of the food for two excluding desserts and drinks is pretty much more than 4k , I would still suggest you to hit out here if you really want to experience luxury dining at its best and that too the desi way !

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