A question to Indian society!

Society is growing, so is education and progress! But are we really getting educated or just increasing our literacy rates? While we are moving ahead with digitalisation, our thoughts ae somewhere behind turning stagnant. I am not exactly a feminist, but some stereotype views and expectations burdened upon females makes me annoyed.

I felt like questioning today the so very  Indian in laws system! The practise wherein most often a women leaves her house, he surname, her vicinity ,  her peer groups and comes and resides in the house of her husband. Let me bring to your notice that about 60% of Indian girls still aren’t aware of any quality or nature of her husband until she’s married. Most of them wouldn’t even have faced their groom until the wedding night.

Let alone these primitive issues, why even in a more devoluped career oriented society too,  women are expected to look and care about her in laws while thier own son isn’t even bothered much about their existence?  Still, when the lady often gives up more than half of her time and efforts to impress and care about them,  the son is always prioritise more than the daughter in law in all situations.

Strange, but it’s true in 90% of Indian homes. Why even when a son when does something that’s wrong, his wife is answerable to it toward his parents?  This is just a minor part of the daily torture a daughter in law in most Indian society comes across. The daily fight of existence where in she fights a hard battle of keeping her kids cared off, her husband satisfies and keeping those dozens of husband’s relatives happy those would be having unnecessary issues about her very existence . (Even though it’s an arranged marriage.) (I am still not counting the office work she may even do.)

The sad part about all these issues is that, even though we women today think that we may not repeat what’s happening with me right now,  it’s mostly, most often, the woman who does the same with the coming woman in her life!  I personally think this thought is our heritage inherited by the Indian women from her predecessors.

I know, even you would be thinking for a minute and transfer yourself in future years and swear you wouldn’t do the same, but, well,  let’s hope so! Finally, we may, some day breathe in a society that speaks of equality in these terms!

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