Lets inculcate Creativity In Kids!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

We are all always excited when ever we get new home and especially when we have our little ones too! Kids always do glorify our lives. This is a special feeling that only parents tend to relate to.

Excitement always has a new level when we aspire to design a sweet little bedroom for our kids. But, do you know while you design a room for your kid, you are actually playing a part in weaving their future?

The secret is to give them a varied choices of options within thier vicinity and check what’s the most that grabs thier attention. Well, then the next time yout design or redesign your home, make sure you include a corner in your kid’s bedroom wherein you have all these options are gathered in one place.

Just along the studying desk, make a small library or a book shelf and make sure you stock in books of different interests going from fairy tales to history, economics and literature. I know today’s kids are not so prone to reading, thanks to the digitalisation that brought about watt pad app and kindles for that matter, but still let them get a habit of reading books a little for an improved language and educational skills.

Next make sure you provide with some of the painting and colouring options. Sometimes, kids reveal thir thoughts and feelings in forms of drawings and paintings.

Clay modelling toys, paper craft can also be given some places out here. With all that craft accesories., theyll often experiment some DIY techniques and art too.Let them have and enjoy a pet fish, cat or any other animals that’s less messy to handle and have them independently look after it.

You can also add some group playing games out there like monopoly., UNO so that the kid knows the value of group interacting too.These are some, you can add as much options as you llike, the idea is to make for them a heavenly corner that refreshes them when they are too stressed studying, when they want to know thier skills, when they want to learn a lot more than just academics and sports.

AND the most prominent reason for the creation is get the kids back from the magic spell of mobiles and tablets. Today’s kid’s childhood is literally trapped in the cells of online world. The screen time they spent browsing through social sites and media channels is killing thier creative and intellectual skills.

If through this simple steps, they can actually spend some time leaving the screen behind, it’ll surely benefit them a lot to become a more happier and successful person hence forward!

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