When smile called up back…

“Hey, ya! Hope you remember me,buddy!” This one stopped me on my way while i was so busy planning for the next strategy to be put up in front of the client. Irritated to be disturbed amidst those, I looked up. He seemed to be someone I knew bizzarly. “Who are you?, You seem to be someone I know, right?” I asked it. ” Oh yes! We were quite a pair, you and I. Don’t you think you can make out, who am I?” It looked directly in my eyes and challenged me. 

I think I guesses it then, it was right, I knew of it. “Well, let me guess, you are that, aren’t you? The one semicircle thats always on the upper side when it’s formed, like a half moon on our face? ” I tried to guess it all right, but knew I was wrong somewhere. “Yeah, may be, but what you are describing can be my cousin too”, came the grump reply.

“Let me guess! You are not the one, we use to express our delight and pleasant feeling?” I tried to guess. “Well, actually it’s when you feel a sudden warmth engulfing you the moment I occur on your face. Not just your lips, but your inner self seem to lift up as you use me. Do you feel the same now, now when you use me to meet with your acquaintance, do you think you get a warm feeling or inner happiness or actual delight when you have that lift upliftment with you?”. This thought rattled me with a sudden force. I stared at it silently thinking upon those words again in my mind. When it suddenly said, ” we have never been together for quite some time my friend, it’s been my cousin, a grin, you are talking about! ” He chuckled.

Chuckled! I seem to relate with this word, this expression actually. The same sound from within myself that seemed to be so very a part of me once upon a time. The sound that I used to make every time I played a prank on bhaiya, the feeling of joy within that led to that sound when maa and paa used to bring some awesome toys for me. It’s been long, but I still remember the wonderful expression, the happiness that went with it. 

And yes, the expression this one talked about was also once a part of me too. I gathered that with a sudden down feeling. Even that upward semicircle of delight, I still was wondering what was it called, I called it being polite, think so! I used to know that feeling once too. The warmth that went in with it, the glow that came on my face with it and the sweet feeling that it carried! I knew it all, then why…. ? Why couldn’t I still relate to it? … Why couldn’t I remember it… ? Why couldn’t I bring it on my face once again … ?

May be, during the sands of times, while growing up, I somehow became more mature. Being practical demanded a professional movement of your lips with a stable expression and some mild feeling. That’s where may be I opted for its so called cousin and left this one out here. May be while moving on in this world, I forgot how to be glad, that was when actually that upward movement of your lips with a soft feeling came,isnt it? That was when happiness came in! 

May be I wasn’t that happy anymore! I slowly reflected myself, I had everything, I can buy anything I need and want, I have friends, I am satisfied! Satisfied yes! But am I content fully happy? If I would have been that, may be this one facing me here would have been a part of me, I would have been chuckling just like it….

Catching me deep in thought it sighed and turned around to leave, I was jolted back to reality. “Hey you!” I called up but it didn’t turn. ” Hey, stop! I am talking to you,wait !” It went on walking, as if it was defeated, disgraced by me. ” Hey, ….. Smile!!! ” And yes, it did stop and turn now with the same glow and smile on it’s face too. “Smile, we have been away for quite a while, why not get patched up once again? This time, forever!” I said and felt a soft movement of my lips forming a semicircle upwards and a sweet warmth that spread inside me, it felt great, after a long time, but it was finally back, a smiling me! 

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